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Author: Olesea Mihalas

Successful Installation of the new platform stairlift V6s to overcome 3 flights in a public building  

Model: platform stairlift V6s 

Flights: 3 

Type of building: Public building 

Country: UK 

Throughout this case study, Vimec’s partners demonstrate their capability to identify the best solution for each customer, as well as Vimec’s expertise in delivering highly customized and efficient mobility solutions.

The Challenge

The hospital faced an accessibility challenge on its premises, with patients, visitors, and medical personnel needing to overcome 3 flights of stairs to move seamlessly between different levels. They got in touch with our local partner who visited the site to understand the needs and advise on the right solution. The challenge for Vimec was to design and produce a platform stairlift that complies with the hospital’s safety regulations, meets the specific requirements of the three flights, and provides convenient transportation for individuals with mobility limitations.

 The Solution

Understanding the hospital’s unique requirements, Vimec designed and produced the new platform stairlift  V6s specifically tailored to overcome the 3 flights of stairs. The platform stairlift is equipped with advanced safety features to ensure the highest level of security during transportation.

The anthracite grey body of the stairlift with platform, which was recommended by our partner, provided a stylish appearance.  Our local partner, who meticulously planned and executed the installation process, worked closely with the hospital staff to minimize any disruptions to the hospital’s operations.

The Result

Following the installation, the platform stairlift inside the hospital proved to be a game-changer for accessibility.

The V6s platform stairlift’s anthracite grey body not only contributed to the hospital’s modern and sophisticated look but also proved extremely durable. The advanced safety features ensured the utmost protection for individuals during transportation, exceeding the hospital’s safety regulations.

Innovative platform stairlift steals the show at Vimec headquarters

We are thrilled to have recently hosted our partners, Vivid Lifts and Higher Elevation, at our Vimec headquarters for a training and update course on our latest products. It was an exciting opportunity to collaborate and share our knowledge and expertise with some of the industry’s leading professionals.

During the visit, our partners had the chance to learn about the innovative features of our products, including the new V6s platform stairlift. This cutting-edge technology is designed to provide enhanced accessibility and comfort for users, with a focus on safety and ease of use. We were delighted to see the positive response that our partners had to this new product and we are confident that it will be a game-changer in the industry.

We also took the opportunity to provide our partners with updates on our existing product lines and to discuss our company’s vision and values. We believe that collaboration and communication are key to success, and we were pleased to have the chance to connect with our partners and receive their feedback and insights.

If you would like to learn more about our products and services, please visit this page.

The first V6s inclined platform lift installation in the UK 

A1 Access, one of our key strategic partners in the UK, specializing in the installation of accessibility equipment, has successfully completed the very first V6s inclined platform lift installation in the UK. 

The V6s inclined platform lift is a state-of-the-art accessibility solution designed to provide safe and easy access to areas that are difficult to reach, such as staircases and elevated platforms. The lift is equipped with advanced safety features, including an emergency stop button and a safety belt, to ensure the safety of users at all times.

A1 Access is proud to have completed the first V6s installation in the UK, and to have worked closely with Vimec UK to ensure a successful installation. The experienced technicians used by A1 Access received comprehensive training on the V6s product, which enabled them to carry out the installation with confidence and efficiency.

The successful installation of the V6s inclined platform lift in the UK demonstrates A1 Access’ commitment to providing innovative and reliable accessibility solutions to its customers. The company is confident that the V6s lift will prove to be a popular choice among its clients, and looks forward to installing more of these lifts in the future.

Home elevator EcoVimec with masonry shaft

The Home Lift installed in this private house is an EcoVimec Home lift, which has been chosen to increase comfort and add value to the property. 

The owner chose EcoVimec home lift because it’s electric and environmentally friendly (it has reduced energy consumption and doesn’t use hydraulic oil).

The EcoVimec Home lift has been designed to fit within a masonry shaft, offering a compact and space-saving solution to access multiple floors of the house. The cabin has been designed to be as discreet as possible, with a low profile and modern appearance that complements the property perfectly.

Thanks to its advanced drive system, the lift runs smoothly and quietly. Additionally, emergency stop buttons and safety sensors are included. A door-closing mechanism ensures that doors are closed safely after every use.

The electrical home lift EcoVimec is available in a wide range of models and designs and doesn’t require a machine room, which makes it suitable for homes of all kinds. It can be installed in various types of buildings, including residential complexes, apartment buildings, and shopping malls.

Training for Direct Lift services and The lift Guys  

We are  proud to announce that in conjunction with our strategic partner A1 Access Lift for the new V6S inclined platform lifts, we have successfully completed our technical training course on inclined platform lifts for Direct Lift Services and The Lift Guys.

The certification course was conducted by our technical support team, who provided instruction on the installation of our inclined lifts. They covered topics like electrical and mechanical systems, safety considerations, and general platform lift maintenance advice. The training course gave Direct Lift Services and The Lift Guys the skills needed to install our inclined lifts safely and correctly, ensuring that they will provide excellent service for their customers.

This further increases the range of our products that they are certified to work on. We are confident that Direct Lift Services and The Lift Guys will provide excellent service and installation of our inclined lifts.

Direct Lift Services and The Lift Guys are both well-established businesses in UK. They have a proven track record of providing high quality service and installation on all kinds of lifts.

Both companies are equipped with latest tools and equipment that allows them to install new lifts quickly and efficiently.  

We look forward to working with Direct Lift Services and The Lift Guys on future projects.

Aftersales Support for Vimec’s Partner: Quality and Reliability 

When it comes to choosing a partner for home mobility solutions, aftersales support is a critical aspect that cannot be overlooked. It is Vimec’s priority to provide its partners and customers with excellent aftersales support for home lifts, platform stairlifts or platform lifts

We integrate after-sales support into our company’s core values as a service and a strategic initiative. We are committed to providing our partners with reliable and efficient support so they can deliver the best possible experience to their customers. 

All partners, no matter their size or location, receive aftersales support from Vimec Srl. Among the company’s services are technical assistance, spare parts supply, and maintenance. 

Technical Assistance: Vimec Srl’s aftersales technical assistance is aimed at ensuring that partners can get quick and efficient support whenever they need it. The company’s team of experienced technicians is always ready to provide remote assistance or on-site support, depending on the nature of the issue. 

Spare Parts Supply: Vimec Srl understands that partners need quick and reliable access to spare parts to ensure that their customers’ mobility solutions are always up and running. The company has a well-established spare parts supply dedicated portal that ensures that partners can get the required parts on time. 

In addition to the above services, we also provide training and certification programs for our partners’ technicians. This ensures that partners have the necessary knowledge and skills to provide the best possible service to their customers. 

Vimec celebrates 43 years of activity

We are very proud to announce another year of activity, continuing the journey that began 43 years ago. We want to take this opportunity to thank our clients and partners for the business we have done, and for all the support you have given over the years which has helped bring Vimec to where it is today.  

The times are changing, and so is Vimec, but our main goal remains: being at the forefront of technology and innovation, without losing sight of our core values. 

Happy Birthday Vimec

Gartec attended a technical training course at our offices for their technicians.

Last week, we welcomed technicians from Gartec, our partner in the UK, to our premises for a technical training course on our products.

The Gartec team received all the up-to-date information regarding our home lifts, platform lifts and platform stair lifts. During the course, they were also able to see our products in action and test them with their own hands. The technicians now have all the knowledge they need to sell and install our lifts in their country.

The training course was a great opportunity for us to meet our partners’ team in person and share knowledge. This is a great way to make sure that the quality of service we provide is up to par and that our partners can provide the best possible experience for our clients.


The second exhibition for Vimec at Architect@work

Finally, manufacturers, architects and designers will meet again this year in Milan at the eighth edition of ARCHITECT@WORK, on 9 and 10 November at the Allianz MiCo. Vimec could not miss this exclusive event dedicated to the community of architects and designers looking for innovative, sophisticated and sustainable products.

If you wish to be part of this unique experience, we invite you to register online to visit the event for free.

The Vimec team is looking forward to welcoming you at stand 192!

Vimec at LIFT EXPO ITALIA 2022

Vimec is pleased to announce its participation in Lift Expo Italia 2022, the only international exhibition for lifts, which will be held the next 19-20-21 October at ALLIANZ MICO – FieraMilanoCity.

Come and discover Vimec’s innovations, services and tailor-made products to best meet professional’s demands.

The Vimec TEAM is waiting for you at stand D2!

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