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Month: March 2024

The Vimec S11 Plus platform lift at a hotel in Ho Chi Minh City

Model: platform lift S11 Plus

Height: 1300 mm

Type of building: Public building 

Country: Vietnam

Introduction: This case study showcases the seamless integration of a Vimec vertical platform lift S11 Plus, overcoming a 1300 mm height difference outdoors, to enhance accessibility for all guests. The elegant design, featuring the elegant RAL 7040 color, characteristic of Vimec, and aluminum gates, adds a touch of modern sophistication to the hotel’s ambiance. This successful project was achieved through the collaborative efforts of Vimec Srl and a trusted local partner.

The Challenge: Recognizing the importance of accessibility, the hotel establishment in Ho Chi Minh City aimed to provide easy mobility for all guests, including those with mobility challenges. The outdoor setting presented a unique challenge with a significant 1300 mm height differential, requiring a solution that prioritized both functionality and aesthetic appeal.

The Solution: With the invaluable support and guidance of our trusted local partner, we were able to make the inspiring decision of selecting the S11 plus platform. This vertical platform lift was engineered to seamlessly bridge the 1300 mm height difference, allowing guests to move between levels effortlessly. With its timeless RAL 7040 color and sleek aluminum gates, the lift not only ensures accessibility but also enhances the visual appeal of the surroundings.

Here is how the S11 Plus platform lifts perfectly fit into this architectural environment.

The Result: Guests with mobility challenges now enjoy unrestricted access to all areas of the hotel, thanks to the seamless integration of this small lift. The sophisticated design, coupled with the captivating RAL 7040 color, reflects Vimec’s commitment to both form and function.

The successful collaboration between Vimec Srl and its local partner underscores the importance of strategic partnerships in achieving accessibility goals. This case study exemplifies Vimec Srl’s expertise in delivering innovative mobility solutions, emphasizing functionality, style, and safety. As an inspiration to other establishments, this project encourages a focus on inclusivity and collaboration with trusted mobility solution providers.

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