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Month: April 2023

Vimec celebrates 43 years of activity

We are very proud to announce another year of activity, continuing the journey that began 43 years ago. We want to take this opportunity to thank our clients and partners for the business we have done, and for all the support you have given over the years which has helped bring Vimec to where it is today.  

The times are changing, and so is Vimec, but our main goal remains: being at the forefront of technology and innovation, without losing sight of our core values. 

Happy Birthday Vimec

V6s, the ideal platform stairlift for public accessibility and mobility

Vimec V6s is the result of our experience gained from installing over 50,000 platform stairlifts worldwide, combined with our desire to serve our customers with the best possible solution.

With features that distinguish V6s from all other products on the market, it is inspired by the Designed for Life project, which focuses on the needs of all types of users.

Every line, every surface was designed simultaneously with functionality, resulting in an easy-to-use, visually clear device.

A focus on safety and attention to detail for both indoor and outdoor installations ensures compliance with EN8140.

Vimec V6s is made with recyclable materials and is available in two standard colours, papyrus white and anthracite grey, but can be customized with any RAL color or graphic using the wrapping technique.

Stairlifts with V6s platforms provide the best possible support for people with reduced mobility in their own homes or condominiums. They are tailored to each individual’s needs.

V6s platform stairlifts are ideal for overcoming architectural barriers in public places such as offices, schools, restaurants, and shops, ensuring the safety of all users.

V6s Platform Stairlift

V6s platform stairlift, a solution for removing architectural barriers.


Every line, every surface has been designed at the same time as the functionality, contributing to the user-friendliness and visual clarity of V6s.

SAFETY compliance with EN8140, together with attention to detail to manage the system in both indoor and outdoor installations.

Vimec V6s is made of recyclable materials and is available in two standard colours, papyrus white and anthracite grey, but can be customised with any RAL colour or graphic through the wrapping technique.
The reduced mobility of people in their own homes or apartment buildings is supported in the best possible way by the V6s platform stairlift, tailored to the actual needs of its users.

Architectural barriers in public places such as offices, schools, restaurants and shops are easily overcome with the installation of a V6s platform stairlift, guaranteeing full safety for all users.

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