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Vimec Home Lift

Quiet, elegant, and environmentally-friendly

The ECOVimec is a homelift that features unique technology: electrical and environmentally-friendly, thanks to the absence of any type of oil. Innovative, quiet, and elegant, to bring greater value to the home. Perfect for both indoor and outdoor installation.

The only model on the market without additional encumbrances for the machine room

Freedom of movement, with a Comfortable Home For Everyone, complete with all the amenities you desire. Making the choice is a question of style, the style of your own comfort.

Enjoying your home means choosing every detail that gives it added value and makes you feel at ease, no matter how small.

The ECOVimec electric homelift is also suitable for all types of home renovations and remodelling work.

  • To move about the home, between one floor and the next, in maximum comfort, and with a quiet, elegant, and custom designed solution: with unique technology!

    Every day, dozens of people turn to Vimec to learn more about its solutions for bringing added value to the homewhile at the same time giving them ease and freedom of movement in every environment.

    Thousands of installations worldwide.

    Technology at your fingertips.

    The ECOVimec homelift is Vimec’s flagship product: it’s electric (a new technology that remains unrivalled on the market), environmentally-friendly (it has reduced energy consumption and doesn’t use hydraulic oil), and can be easily installed in homes, condominiums, shops or office buildings.

    Thanks to the fact that it doesn’t require a machine room, the ECOVimec homelift is also suitable for all types of home renovations and remodelling work. Moreover, the technical solutions adopted are new and unrivalled on the market (e.g. the absence of a counterweight, which provides for greater available space; the increased load bearing capacity, which allows the system to be loaded with considerable weight; the reduced energy consumption values, to save on energy bill).

    Custom solutions The ECOVimec homelift is always made to measure in order to guarantee maximum safety for the entire family (both for people in search of greater comfort, as well as for the elderly and people with disabilities), not to mention reliabilitycomfort and elegance, all in perfect harmony with the colours and finishes of the home itself.

  • Vimec’s range of homelifts are designed and built to improve the comfort of the home, while at the same time increasing its value.

    Vimec’s range of homelifts are designed and built to improve the comfort of the home, while at the same time increasing its value. Vimec’s homelifts are perfectly compliant with the Machinery Directive (2006/42/EC), which establishes the construction criteria for systems known as “platform lifts“.

    Furthermore, in the case of both lifts for private homes and condominiums (houses, townhouses, duplexes, etc.) and platform lifts in public areas (offices, shops, hotels and restaurants), they’re equipped with a range of features that’s unparalleled on the market.

    In this case, Vimec’s products are ideal tools for eliminating architectural barriers (e.g. staircases, steps, raised surfaces), and can be used in complete safety by anyone, even people with mobility problems or confined to wheelchairs, or mothers with small children in strollers.

    The ECOVimec makes it easy to perform daily activities, like moving heavy objects or carrying groceries.

  • Vimec is always close by thanks to a network of consultants and professionals in every Italian province: try out Vimec’s support service… click on the yellow box on the upper right.

    Punctual and competent customer service. Vimec is always close by thanks to a network of consultants and professionals in every Italian province: from the comfort of your own home, and with the free support and expertise of a Vimec personal consultant, you can determine the solution that’s best suited to you, your home and your family.

    You’ll have the opportunity to choose your desired finishes and options, and can find out about all of the benefits and discounts available for eliminating and overcoming architectural barriers that hinder your freedom of movement in complete safety (staircases, steps, raised surfaces, and other obstacles), even for renovations.

    Only Vimec is able to boast over thirty years of experience and more than 110,000 systems designed and installed: contact us for a free on-site inspection and price quote, with absolutely no commitment.

  • Measurements, encumbrances, and energy consumption values of the homelift, which is also known as a mini-lift, platform lift, or domestic lift.


    • The sturdy and durable ECOVimec model has a load bearing capacity of up to 400 kg
    • Soft start/stop (slowed departure and arrival)
    • Vimec’s homelifts are incredibly quiet
    • The materials and lights in the cabin are designed to give the user a sense of comfort and serenity
    • Telescopic doors to prevent encumbrances on the departure and arrival floors

    Personal safety

    • Full-height photocell barrier on the entrance sides
    • External communication device (GSM telephone or dialer)
    • Handle (in satin aluminium)
    • Load monitoring device
    • All the buttons are compliant with the European regulations (EN81-41)
    • The automatic emergency manoeuvre even guarantees the system’s functionality in the event of a power failure


    • Wide range of available finishes and customisation possibilities
    • The displays are luminous and clearly visible
    • The floor station door handles and button panel plates are made from stainless steel


    • Cabin access via electronic key
    • Electrical system without machine room (reduced encumbrance)
    • Sustainable/Ecological (internal quality system)
    • New technical solutions unrivalled on the market (no counterweight)
    • Ease of installation and use

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