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  • Training for Direct Lift services and The lift Guys  


We are  proud to announce that in conjunction with our strategic partner A1 Access Lift for the new V6S inclined platform lifts, we have successfully completed our technical training course on inclined platform lifts for Direct Lift Services and The Lift Guys.

The certification course was conducted by our technical support team, who provided instruction on the installation of our inclined lifts. They covered topics like electrical and mechanical systems, safety considerations, and general platform lift maintenance advice. The training course gave Direct Lift Services and The Lift Guys the skills needed to install our inclined lifts safely and correctly, ensuring that they will provide excellent service for their customers.

This further increases the range of our products that they are certified to work on. We are confident that Direct Lift Services and The Lift Guys will provide excellent service and installation of our inclined lifts.

Direct Lift Services and The Lift Guys are both well-established businesses in UK. They have a proven track record of providing high quality service and installation on all kinds of lifts.

Both companies are equipped with latest tools and equipment that allows them to install new lifts quickly and efficiently.  

We look forward to working with Direct Lift Services and The Lift Guys on future projects.


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