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Month: April 2022

The ECOVimec: the electric homelift with a modern design

Safety, simplicity, quality, savings, and environmental sustainability are principles that are increasingly being applied in the field of modern construction, whether we’re talking about new builds or renovations.

In the residential construction sector, there’s an increasing demand for dwellings designed and manufactured according to the latest criteria, with a particular focus upon the use of quality accessories and the choice of the raw materials, in order to ensure safe and reliable use over time.

An increasing amount of attention is also being paid to the design of the home, with a greater demand for modern styles.

A personal taste in interior décor has assumed greater importance, thus resulting in a new form of aesthetics that draws inspiration from the past, while at the same time allowing itself to be influenced by unusual shapes and materials.

Modern homes are mainly characterised by certain specific aspects: they tended to have wide open spaces, where areas with different functions merge and come together; the spaces are arranged so as to render them as functional as possible; there are plays on natural and artificial light; the contours and depths give even the most compact surfaces an unprecedented ampleness, as well as maximum usability and accessibility.

IMG 2505

The electric ECOVimec liftis the perfect solution for ensuring the accessibility of a private dwelling with two or more floors, without compromising its aesthetics, and instead bringing added value to the home itself while accentuating its character.

Thanks to its simple contours, carefully selected materials, and meticulous craftsmanship, the safe, reliable, and environmentally friendly ECOVimec lift can be perfectly integrated into any home with a modern design.

  • There are various types of doors to choose from, and the customer can even combine different models, in order to obtain the style that’s best suited to the installation environment: panoramic aluminium doorsautomated two-leaf glass doors, and even simple blind doors with windows. It is possible to choose a different door for each individual floor station, based on the style of the surrounding environment.
  • The walls of the cabin can be personalised with your preferred colours from the RAL range, or else with the standard available colours; the choice of glass walls provides for greater transparency and luminosity, and renders all the spaces visible. For high-tech environments, on the other hand, the stainless steel cabin is an almost mandatory aesthetic choice..
  • The floor of the cabin can be adapted to the style of the home by choosing from among the standard colours of light or dark grey non-slip Safestep flooring, for environments with neutral colours, or by choosing the option that allows the same flooring finish as the surrounding environment to be used within the cabin itself.
  • Since it doesn’t require a special technical compartment to house a power unit and motor, the ECOVimec homelift can even be installed in confined spaces. All the moving parts and control elements are contained within the compartment, while the oil-free electric motor is positioned below, and guarantees quiet functionality..

Vimec focuses upon the Made in Italy marking

Made in Italy, for growth: manufacturing in Italy, at its own facilities in Luzzara, allows Vimec to improve its quality, while at the same time reducing costs through continuous innovation and the constant expansion of its product range.

This commitment has borne excellent results with the creation of the Vimec Dolce Vita chair stairlift, a successful product that boasts nearly 1,000 installations throughout Italy thanks to its unique characteristics: it’s even capable of overcoming tracts of up to 40 metres, and its meticulous and modern design renders it a beautiful addition to any interior.

In the wake of the success of its Dolce Vita model, as of January, Vimec resumed manufacturing its mobile stairclimbers in Italy, an activity that had been outsourced to China for nearly 10 years, with a production value of approximately 3 thousand units annually, amounting to 7% of the company’s turnover.

The announcement was made by Vimec’s CEO, Giuseppe Lupo, during a press conference held at the Luzzara facility, which was attended by the mayor and journalists from the industry’s leading publications.

lupo sindaco luzzara vimec

“We don’t only want to be leaders in terms of sales,” Lupo continued,“and we are therefore focusing upon the technical aspects and innovation, as well as customer service and after sales support: we invest almost € 1 million in these services each year, in order to ensure a constant presence all over Italy, with technicians located throughout the entire country.”

This line is now manufactured at the Luzzara facilities, thus allowing the company not only to reduce its costs, but also to make design changes aimed at improving the quality of the stairclimbers themselves, which was previously difficult to accomplish with production being carried out overseas.

The benefits of this decision also extend to the area of Luzzara: the production of this line has led to the recruitment of 6 permanent workers and Vimec’s collaboration with local companies. In fact, the materials are now purchased from local suppliers, with packaging costs that practically amount to nothing.

Manufacturing in Italy also reduces the waiting times for the delivery of the T09 Roby mobile stairclimbers, which is an extremely important aspect for customers to consider when choosing the lifting system that’s best for them.

Customer awareness, innovation, and ongoing research are the guiding principles that allow Vimec to continuously improve the services offered to its customers.

Made in Italy: a conscious decision

The term Made in Italy is used to indicate products designed and manufactured entirely in Italy, which are capable of representing the qualitycreativity, and ingenuity of Italian craftsmen.

On a worldwide stage, Italian products stand out thanks to their unique characteristics:

  • quality;
  • creativity;
  • design;
  • style;
  • custom construction;
  • technology;
  • innovation.

The Made in Italy marking also has a positive impact on the Italian population and economy: it increases domestic employment and strengthens the country’s economy.

in fact, Italy’s productive system has undergone several changes in recent years, and increasingly finds itself dealing with aggressive competition from abroad, thus rendering it extremely important to protect the uniqueness of Italy’s image and that of its products; the “Made in italy” marketing allows local businesses to stay in close contact with their products, and to improve them as much as possible.

Vimec itself has decided to promote the Made in Italy marking in the sector of stairclimbers for the disabled and people with mobility problems. Since 2017, the Roby T09 mobile stairclimber has also been manufactured in Italy.

This decision has provided for an improvement in both the training and the business culture, with the aim of enhancing the synergy among the various production departments.

Furthermore, having contact with the product during the design and construction stages allows for the development of solutions that stand out on market thanks to their technology, aesthetics, and functionality, while at the same time improving the existing products and reducing their costs.

Customer awareness, innovation, and ongoing research are the guiding principles that allow Vimec to continuously improve the services offered to its customers.

The fact that approximately 1,000 italian families have decided to improve their home mobility with the only chair stairlift Made in Italy reveals how Italians prefer and appreciate the expertise and professionalism of Italian manufacturers.

Vimec at the forefront with the 3D scanner

One of the most important aspects in designing a tailor-made solution for overcoming architectural barriers concerns the importance of the installation environment: the staircase, the landings, the parking spaces and the specific requirements of the user.

To offer their customers an increasingly dedicated service, taking advantage of new technologies, Vimec uses the 3D scanner, a cutting-edge system for measuring staircases.

This instrument allows technicians, who make the inspection, to detect the staircase’s measurements in a simple, fast and precise way.

By placing a few markers on the ladder (for example on the lower floor, on the landing, on the land floor and to indicate a handrail), the scan, executed through a tablet, is able to return a faithful reproduction/good simulation of the ladder in 3D, which allows to obtain all the measures necessary to design the Vimec installation, both for the chair stairlifts and for the platform stairlifts.

There are so many advantages to using this instrument:

  • all measurements are extremely accurate and reliable;
  • the time needed to build the custom-made plant will be shorter;
  • the 3D reproduction of the staircase will always be available to the technicians to carry out the necessary measurements;
  • the measurement of the staircase during the inspection is faster.

Reliability, safety and the use of cutting-edge technologies characterise Vimec, which is committed to providing its customers with an increasingly efficient service, anticipating working methods that will become the standard in the coming years.

Vimec at Interlift 2017 Augsburg, Germany

Vimec is going to participate to the most important international elevator industry fair – INTERLIFT 2017– that will take place from 17 to 20 October, in Augsburg (Germany).

Vimec is presenting its new made in Italy and tailor made solutions for accessibility and mobility:

– Vertical: Vimec Home lift
– Vertical: S11 open platform lift
– Inclined: Dolce Vita stairlift with chair
– Inclined: V64 stairlift for wheelchair users
– Stairclimber: the renewed T09 Roby

Come and visit us at hall “Pavilion”booth 104.

We will be glad to see you!

Accessible terraces with platform lifts for small height gaps

The housing needs of families have changed in recent years: people are constantly trying to make use of the entire surface areas of their homes, in order to create new rooms or re-purpose existing rooms.

“Every aspect is examined in order to come up with new spaces to be exploited. Due to their surface areas, even terraces can be exploited in terms of space and functionality.

Larger balconies and terraces can become actual open air lounges for spending pleasant afternoons and evenings in the company of friends and family, thus likewise becoming an integral part of the home, and reflecting the tastes of its inhabitants.

In addition to the design, finishes, and furnishings, it is also important to render these new spaces comfortable, functional, and easily accessible: Vimec platform lifts are the perfect solutions for these types of requirements.
While conceived and designed for private homes, they can also be installed outdoors in order to render terraces easily accessible.

Why to choose a Vimec platform lift

These types of lift systems allow for small height gaps to be easily overcome in complete safety: our S11 model, for instance, is capable of overcoming height gaps of up to 3 metres, while smaller height gaps can be overcome with the Silver (1 metre) andSteppy (2 metres) model platform lifts.

Our platform lifts also offer numerous other advantages:

  • They’re flexible solutions in terms of encumbrance and dimensions;
  • They can be installed without any structural interventions;
  • They guarantee maximum freedom of movementwith controls right at your fingertips;
  • They’re safe and reliable, thanks to their advanced safety systems;
  • They can be installed in various environments, and adapted to the tastes and needs of each customer, thanks to their customisation possibilities;
  • They provide for considerable energy savings: they connect to a ordinary power outlet like a regular home appliance, and don’t require any more power than that provided by a normal domestic utility service;
  • In addition to rendering the system more elegant, the metallic structure also serves to protect the platform from the weather.

Vimec Day

At the beginning of March, in the great setting of the Golf club Hotel Chervò in Pozzolengo, near the Garda Lake, the first edition of Vimec Day was held.

For two days we worked together with the Italian and Export Sales Networks, taking advantage of the opportunity to share future plans and contributing to a renewed team spirit.
The event involved about 100 guests and over 40 Vimec employees, who took part in both the workshops and the production tour.
During the gala dinner, 3 dealers and 3 agents were awarded, respectively distinguished for their proactivity towards the customer, for the best installation and for the sales results during 2018.
The theme of the event was “Make the customer’s life easier”, and the consequent commitment is to always keep the customer at the centre of Vimec attention and care, with a constant confrontation with all its partners.

News Covid – 19: Vimec- manufacturing suspension

Vimec suspends production at Luzzara plant from March, 23rd to April, 3rd.

The company has so far continued production activities with the utmost attention to the protection of the workers’ health, with dedicated procedures, in full compliance with Italian Government Decrees.

The factory closing is a choice of social responsibility towards Vimec people, giving breathing space even to those suppliers who are struggling to sustain production continuity.

Through agile working Vimec will continue to provide commercial and technical support to all partners.

In this emergency situation, which is constantly and regularly monitored, Vimec is committed with all collaborators to laying the foundations to be able to restart with full energy.

Vimec 4dealers

After having pre-announced its publication last week, Vimec is now happy to invite you to visit the website dedicated to the 2014 Winter Olympic Games in Sochi.

The website, which can be viewed at, was created in honour of the Olympics, but is also intended to be a starting point for developing and reinforcing the company’s relationships with its dealers worldwide.

Why 4Dealers?

Because our partners are the driving force behind our success. Ours is a teamwork that has endured for more than 30 years, and must be preserved, reinforced, and expanded. To move forward together, overcoming every barrier and obstacle: this is our goal.

Why @Sochi?

Because Sochi 2014 is the gold metal around the neck of the team made up of Vimec and its dealers. At the Olympic Village, accessibility will be ensured by over 370 Vimec installations.


News Covid – 19: Update – manufacturing suspension

Vimec suspends production at Luzzara plant from March, 23rd to April, 10th.

The company has so far continued production activities with the utmost attention to the protection of the workers’ health, with dedicated procedures, in full compliance with Italian Government Decrees.

The factory closing is a choice of social responsibility towards Vimec people, giving breathing space even to those suppliers who are struggling to sustain production continuity.

Through agile working Vimec will continue to provide commercial and technical support to all partners.

In this emergency situation, which is constantly and regularly monitored, Vimec is committed with all collaborators to laying the foundations to be able to restart with full energy.

E20 home lift is the Archiproducts Design Award winner!

On November 20th, announced the winners of the 2020 Design Award.

The awards are assigned by a jury composed of numerous international architecture firms, communication agencies, journalists and architectural photographers. The jury has evaluated over 750 candidate products from all over the world, rewarding the best solutions that stood out for their originality, innovation and experimentation.

In the “Construction” section, among the nine winners, you can find the Vimec E20 Home Lift, the only personal transportation system among the winners of all sections!

This is a great satisfaction that we share with all the people who have been working on the project and with the whole company and its collaborators network.

E20 Home Lift wins the Red Dot Award

The E20 Home lift collects another success and from today the Red Dot seal of quality can be shown: the Red Dot Award is one of the most prestigious international prizes related to Product Design.

This acknowledgement follows the Archiproducts Award received in autumn 2020. The Vimec home lift concepts of eco-sustainability, customization and design are realised in a product that is getting an increasingly broad consensusamong several interior designers and architects, together with many end consumers who have chosen E20 Home Lift for its distinctive features and available pluses, in Europe, UK, Middle East, China and Australia.

Great Place to Work project

In the current socio-economic context, the concept of “Work-Life Balance”, which includes the adoption of flexible working models and the reconciliation between professional and personal or family needs, is becoming particularly relevant.

For this reason, Vimec has decided to embrace the “Great place to work” project, an initiative promoted together with professional consultants that aims to ensure a positive working environment, where employees can express themselves and fully develop their professional skills. A group of people within the company volunteered as intermediary to collect and discuss suggestions aimed at:

– improving the work climate

– promoting relationships between colleagues by encouraging proposals to improve interpersonal relations inside and outside the company

– encouraging actions for the well-being inside the company

This group is called Vimec Experience Team and promotes the active participation of employees in the life and values of the company, scheduling sharing moments to exchange feedback and information.

Recent studies on the excellence of working environment have highlighted the relationship of trust between the individual and the company. And this is the aim of Vimec, to promote a positive relationship of trust with its employees.

Vimec Home Lift E20: customizable elements

The technology we use at Vimec ensures safe, reliable, and user-friendly products, but there is another very important aspect that we take in high consideration: the aesthetics of the mini home elevator.

The beauty of something that becomes part of the living space should not be underestimated and for this reason our home lift is highly customizable.

A home elevator just as you want it

When looking for a home lift for your property, you need to evaluate both the technical and the quality features as well as the elements that can give style.

Having the possibility to customize the home elevator means making it a distinctive element of the property and no longer just a useful tool.

By carefully choosing materials, colors, and lights you can create a real “moving room” that can adapt to the mood and the interior design of your home.

Customize your Vimec E20 Home Lift

Our products are truly tailor-made. A Vimec home elevator is designed to suit the aesthetic tastes of the customer.

The standard version of the Home Lift E20 has sleek, minimal lines that can be combined with elegant finishes, smart lighting systems, and natural, quality materials such as wood. You can create combinations to make this vertical mobility device a wonderful micro environment in motion.

The parts that can be customized are:

– Cabin push-button wall

– Platform flooring

– Cabin doors

– Push-button panel finishes

– Handrail and metal frame finishes

The choice of materials, colors and patterns is wide and can be perfectly matched to the walls and furniture of the house.

In its standard version, the cabin is composed of white finish walls, white wood push-button panel wall (upgrade is available with mood/inspirations), black mechanical push-button panel with display and brushed stainless steel frame, black charcoal floor, 72 million customizable lights. In addition, the remaining walls inside the cabin can be configured with five LED strips, full-height flush mirror, glass infill or 2 different types of handrails.

The upgradable Home lift E20 to meet style changes

There is one aspect that cannot be overlooked by designers, the change of trends and styles that over time can also involve the decor and look of the interior and exterior areas of a property.

In order for the Vimec Home Lift to adapt to the location where it is installed, we have designed a cabin that can be upgraded in terms of finishes, replacement of parts or implementation of materials without having to disassemble the entire lift.

This innovative and forward-looking concept of home elevator is a considerable advantage for those who buy one but still want the possibility to renew and adapt it in a simple and really safe way.

360° Sustainability Project

Vimec has always been driven by ambition and by the desire to develop products to create a world without barriers, a world that promotes individual freedom of movement, thus improving people’s quality of life. We feel good and fully satisfied whenever we solve an accessibility problem. This is our craft, it’s what we have been doing for 40 years now, executing projects around the world and improving the quality of life of tens of thousands of people.

A more accessible world will help us leave this place to our children better than we found it.

But this is not enough. Leaving a better world means planning economic, social and environmental development in a fully sustainable way.

Through the “360° SustainAbility” project, Vimec commits to report every year the activities and results of its sustainable development path, which includes reducing emissions and having ethics in our conduct, with close attention and equal opportunities for our employees.

What is our approach to the project?

• Multidimensional stakeholder approach: social, economic, environmental
• Definition / applicability to all stakeholders of the organization

  • Benchmarking with companies considered to be at the forefront in this field
  • A concrete strategy (what to do) and an implementation plan (how to do it)
    • Listing goals and KPIs for regular progress tracking
    • Identification of key success factors to ensure inclusion in daily operations

To confirm our commitment and give full visibility to the progress we are making, we are presenting the first report dedicated to this project.

Click here to download the report.

Social Sustainability – our first steps

In order to plan economic, social and environmental development in a fully sustainable way, Vimec is going on a “sustainability journey” through the “360° SustainAbility” project. It is our promise and dedication to develop a sustainable environment for all.

Vimec is a concrete example of the economic development of small and medium-sized companies in Italy: more than 65% of its suppliers operates within a few kilometres from the Luzzara production facilities, and the related activities generated by Vimec involve more than a thousand families.

To this positive economic and social impact, Vimec adds the implementation of local projects including social and charitable initiatives, such as:

– Donations to support local entities (schools, volunteer associations, municipalities).

– In spring 2020, during the Covid-19 pandemic, Vimec donated 250 FP2 type surgical masks to the Municipality of Luzzara to be used by all social and health workers in the municipal area, engaged in helping the weaker segments of the population.

– “Ensuring Mobility” project: in collaboration with the Municipality of Luzzara, Vimec contributed in the sponsorship of the purchase of a minibus to transport disabled residents to the hospitals in the provincial capital, Reggio Emilia.

– “Vimec Free All” project: to celebrate its 40th anniversary (the company was founded in April, 21st  1980), Vimec promoted a contest to donate an installation free of charge to foster the removal of architectural barriers in public premises. Through its Facebook page, Vimec firstly asked citizens and local associations to point out the presence of architectural barriers in “places of the heart” of their cities (this lasted from July to October 2020).

Then, from November to December 2020, people could vote their favourite “place of the heart” among the previously suggested ones on Vimec’s Facebook page. The contest, which collected over 10,000 votes, was won by the Petraio funicular railway station in Naples, 1st place, followed by a volunteers’ associations building in Borgoricco (Padua) which received a T09 Roby mobile stairlift with wheels as a prize during an official ceremony in the presence of the city mayor Alberto Stefani on Friday, May 28th

As for the Petraio station in Naples, Vimec will install its own system for removing architectural barriers free of charge. Currently, negotiations with the local government are on-going to be able to install the system as soon as possible.

This initiative will significantly improve the accessibility of two very popular public spaces and enhance the mobility of people with impaired mobility, who will finally be able to access the two top-rated sites.

The range of Vimec homelifts has been enriched with new featuresarch

A Vimec homelift gives greater value to the living environment, and for solutions in particularly narrow spaces, three-leaf telescopic doors are now available.

This possibility allows the Vimec homelift to be used with maximum ease, with a greater door span for improved accessibility, all without compromising the available space in the hallways or rooms.

Among the various customisation possibilities available for Vimec homelifts, the three-leaf door ensures a more prestigious and cutting-edge system for the home.

Furthermore, Vimec home lifts are always made to measure in order to guarantee maximum safety for the entire family (both for people in search of greater comfort, as well as for the elderly and people with disabilities), not to mention reliabilitycomfort and elegance, all in perfect harmony with the colours and finishes of the home itself.

Vimec has sales consultants in every Italian province, who are always available to recommend the ideal solutions to meet your home mobility needs.

Vimec announces its participation at Interlift 2022

Vimec will be present at INTERLIFT 2022, the most important elevator industry exhibition, which will be held from Tuesday 26th to Friday 29th April 2022 in Augsburg, Germany. The Vimec Team is looking forward to finally attending this live event to demonstrate some state-of-the-art and high aesthetic accessibility solutions.


Vimec’s solutions for guaranteeing accessibility in public places

Guaranteeing the accessibility of public places for people with limited mobility is essential for promoting “tourism accessible to everyone.”

Vimec is committed to offering custom solutions for improving the accessibility of public places, like hotels, restaurants, agritourism structures, and more. Platform stairliftplatform lifts, and mobile stair climbers are all systems suitable for ensuring freedom of access to any type of public building.

Vimec’s solutions are capable of perfectly meeting the aesthetic requirements of the staircase, as well as the surrounding environment. This is evidenced by Vimec’s thousands of installations in various public locales throughout Italy.

Visit the gallery to see some of the Vimec installations found in various public buildings.

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