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Month: April 2022

Swimming pools are for everyone

The law protects the right of all people with mild or permanent disabilities to engage in sports activities.

In fact, Italian Ministerial Decree no. 236/89 requires all areas intended for sports activities to be accessible to people with disabilities. The buildings and their individual areas must have entrances suitable for allowing access by people with reduced mobility or sensory disabilities.

In addition to ensuring accessibility, is also necessary to guarantee the possibility of using all the areas and equipment.

A significant amount of design headroom is provided in order to ensure perfect accessibility to the sports facilities, with the exception of a few binding elements: e.g. for the design or renovation of public buildings in general, at least one lavatory for the disabled must be included on each floor.

How to make a swimming pool accessible

When designing or renovating a swimming pool, it is necessary to ensure adequate accessibility for:

  • Car parks
  • Main entrances
  • Horizontal and vertical pathways
  • Lavatories and changing rooms
  • Pool entries

For blind or visually impaired individuals, it is necessary to provide a tactile pathway in relief connecting the various areas of the facility.

For people in wheelchairs, any minor height gaps must be eliminated using ramps with handrails. In the case of major height gaps, lifts or platforms must be installed.

The installation of handrails and non-slip flooring in general will serve to ensure greater safety for all.

In order to access the pools, individuals must have the possibility of using stairs, ramps or lifts, depending on the severity of their disabilities. Ramps and stairs must always have handrails.

All corners and edges must be rounded.

It is recommended for steps and ramps to be in contrasting colours, in order to ensure greater visibility for the visually impaired. The lanes in the pool should be separated by ropes.

The benefits of aquatic sports activities

Swimming and aquatic rehabilitation activities are generally recommended to people with disabilities by physicians.

Aquatic sports activities offer several major advantages for people with physical limitations: thanks to the extra support provided by the water, less weight needs to be borne by compromised body parts, and this allows for greater freedom of movement. A therapist, however, must always be present in order to assist of the individual.

The benefits associated with these types of activities are listed below:

  • Reduced pain
  • Greater range of movement
  • Improved posture

Anyone can get involved in sports: the example of the Paralympic athletes

There is an increasing amount of awareness of sports for people with disabilities.

The Paralympic Games have been held since 1960, and are attracting an increasing number of spectators each time around. The games provide a venue for athletes with varying degrees of physical disabilities to compete in every sport.

Swimming has always been part of the Paralympic Games. The athletes are divided into categories based on their type of disability, which can also be multiple.

The competitors include athletes missing one or more limbs, athletes suffering from paralysis, and athletes with vision problems: nobody is precluded from participating in competitive sports activities!

Food helps to keep you in shape

As the philosopher Feuerbach once said, “you are what you eat.” Therefore it shouldn’t be surprising to hear that there’s a strong link between diet and health.

Eating various types of foods, sparingly, and several times a day helps us to live longer, and helps prevent diabetes, cancer, and cardiovascular disease.

The false claims about food

Countless new diets are proposed each year. Many of these are based on the complete elimination of one or more categories of nutrients deemed to be “bad for you”:

  • Carbohydrates: these are often the first to be put on trial, accused of making us fat. The truth, however, is that people obtain energy precisely by burning carbohydrates. Therefore, they shouldn’t be eliminated entirely, but we should however reduce our consumption of sweets and alcohol in favour of whole grains.
  • Animal protein and red meat: the results of a research study indicating that red meat is carcinogenic have recently been making the rounds. The truth, however, isn’t quite that simple: red meat can potentially cause cancer if consumed in excessive amounts and if associated with other risk factors. Animal proteins should not be eliminate at all costs, as this would pose a risk of serious nutritional deficiencies. Our consumption of red meat, however, should be limited to less than once a week.

The Mediterranean diet: tradition and health

The Mediterranean diet is both a culinary style and a lifestyle. In fact, it is considered an extremely important element of historical and cultural heritage. This type of diet is widespread among most of the countries bordering on the Mediterranean Sea: Italy, Spain, Portugal, Greece, Cyprus, and Morocco. This diet is ideal for preventing arteriosclerosis, heart disease, hypertension, diabetes, and cancer, especially of the digestive system.

The food pyramid for the Mediterranean diet is as follows:

  • Carbohydrates are permitted, so bread and pasta are allowed, though preferably whole grain. These should constitute the base of the diet.
  • Large amounts of fruitsvegetables and legumes are recommended. These foods contain vitaminsproteins, and fibres, which promote bowel motility. It is recommended to consume multiple portions of fruits and vegetables per day.
  • Extra virgin olive oil is considered the condiment par excellence. Milk and dairy products can be consumed daily, but no more than once a day.
  • Fish and eggs are permitted, as they are low in fat and provide for the intake of animal proteins.
  • It is preferable to consume white meat than red meat. White meat can be eaten 2 or 3 times a week, red meat less frequently.
  • Limit the consumption of sweets and hard alcohol
  • One glass of red wine, which is rich in antioxidants, is permitted each day.

Due to its wide variety and health benefits, the Mediterranean diet has been added to the UNESCO Cultural Heritage list.

The Sardinia of the supercentenarians

In Italy, there is one particular geographical area with a high density of elderly people: Sardinia.

In fact, this region, together with the Japanese island of Okinawa, boasts the highest percentage of supercentenarians.

What are the secrets to the Sardinian people’s longevity? The genetic factor certainly has something to do with it, as does the microclimate and the greater level of physical activity among the elderly residents, who remain active in cultivating the land and raising animals.

This guarantees the consumption of high quality food. In fact, according to recent studies, Sardinian wine appears to contain large amounts of antioxidants. According to ongoing research, Sardinian cheeses have bacilli with evident probiotic activity.

Pane, casu and binu a rasu” (bread, cheese and full glass of wine): that’s the recipe for living a good long life, according the Sardinians!

Extreme sports for the disabled

There is an increasing amount of awareness of sports for people with disabilities. This is in part to help regain limb mobility in the case of temporary disabilities, as well as to simply stay in shape.

Many people also dedicate themselves to more intense sports activities, such as Paralympic athletes: nobody is precluded from participating in competitive sports activities!

Few people realise that many people with disabilities love to engage in extreme sports.

From the “classics”…

Rugby is a perfect example of a “classic” extreme sport. There is a strict set of rules for wheelchair rugby: the wheelchairs must be manual; the athletes mustn’t touch one another, but the wheelchairs are free to make contact; notably, the teams, consisting of four athletes each, can be mixed.

Another classic yet physically demanding sport is skiing. Skiing enthusiasts with lower limb disabilities usually engage in this sport using custom “monoski” devices. One notable testimonial for this sport is provided by race car driver Alex Zanardi.

After the tragic accident in which he lost his legs, this remarkable athlete continues to engage in numerous physically demanding sports: in addition to having returned to race car driving, he has also become a Paralympic champion in the sport of handbiking, a type of cycling where the vehicle is powered by the arms rather than the legs.

… to actual extreme sports!

For disabled people who love the mountains, there’s the possibility of doing actual rockclimbing. Thanks to the use of specially adapted wheelchairs and the accompaniment of qualified personnel, those who have lost the use of their legs can still experience the thrill of climbing to the peak of a mountain!

For an ever greater adrenaline rush, they can even go skydiving! This activity must be performed with the assistance of an instructor, who will provide the harness for making the jump together. Upon reaching the ground, the instructor handles the landing using his/her own legs.

Why not even try freestyle? Thanks to special wheelchairs equipped with safety belts and helmets, people with disabilities can take on circuits quite similar to those used for skateboarding competitions! The only difference is that they’re on a wheelchair instead of a skateboard.

Never give up!

The world sports offers countless possibilities for people with various types of disabilities, even major ones. There are sports for all tastes, from the more “laid-back” and “classic” categories, to the extreme sports that most able-bodied people won’t even try.

Why should someone deprive themselves of an exciting experience just because they’re disabled?

Unlike the obstacles that one continuously encounters in daily life, there are truly no limits in sports.

Exercise your mind

Thanks to medical advancements, people are living considerably longer nowadays. That’s why it’s important to reach your golden years with a youthful and well-trained mind, and to do everything you can to keep in shape.

The mind is like a “muscle”: if you don’t keep it well-trained, it will eventually lose its strength.

Some people live to 90 years of age with a perfectly clear mind, while others begin to show early signs of dementia as early as 65 or 70.

In addition to having a natural genetic predisposition, let’s take a look at some other ways to keep your mind well-trained!


It might seem trivial, but changing certain lifestyle habits can have an extremely positive effect on the brain. There are several activities that are seemingly unrelated to the brain, yet impact it in a positive way: let’s find out what they are!

  • Regular physical activity. Taking a long walk every day (at least half an hour) increases the delivery of oxygen to the brain. Aerobic activities, like cycling and running, help to protect the hippocampi, which are responsible for the formation and maintenance of the memory.
  • Engaging in our passions. There are numerous group activities that help to keep the brain active: travelling, go out dancing, playing lawn bowling, fishing, and gardening are all activities that encourage social interaction and keep the mind young.
  • Sleeping well (which doesn’t mean sleeping a lot): some people just a few hours of sleep to feel well-rested. With quality sleep (regardless of the number of hours), the mind will be fresh and rested.
  • Mediterranean diet. This consists of a varied and well-balanced diet, low in fat and free radicals. Excessively large meals are not recommended. Did you know that two shots of espresso per day help to keep the brain young?

Mental exercises

Now let’s move on to the specific exercises designed to keep the mind well-trained. While there’s no need to attempt impossible puzzles, “difficult” games can certainly be more stimulating. Whatever the case, a series of exercises suitable for everyone are listed below:

  • Puzzles: A book of puzzles is an excellent way to exercise your brain. Some scholars argue that two crossword puzzles a day can delay the onset of dementia. Other games, especially riddles, can also be beneficial.
  • Chess: this complex and stimulating game requires a great deal of concentration. Every match is different, and this requires the players to continuously seek out different solutions. This in turn will have a positive impact on memory and mental clarity!
  • Counting down. Here’s a challenging maths game: starting from a high number, continue subtracting a fixed number, and try to increase your speed.
  • Reading: Reading a newspaper every day, from start to finish, stimulates brain activity. Reading a book is also good for this purpose, especially if it’s a mystery: investigating the plot alongside the protagonist is a good way to stimulate brain activity.

Don’t stop there!

It’s important to constantly seek out new stimuli in order to keep your mind well-trained.

Solitude, laziness, and boredom are enemies of the brain!

Enjoy the company of friends and family as much as possible, indulge your passions and hobbies, eat properly, and sleep well: this is the best formula for reaching your golden years with a mind that’s still fresh and dynamic!


The V65 platform stairlift with curved guide rail is extremely durable (capacity of up to 300 Kg), is suitable for overcoming various flights of stairs in both indoor and outdoor environments, and is equipped with a series of personal safety features for both the passenger and his/her assistant (if applicable). The V65 platform stairlift is designed for people confined to wheelchairs, and is perfect for both the home and public places.

The V65 Platform Stairliftideal for tracts with curves.

Vimec’s V65 platform stairlift guarantees accessibility to public and private structures, and is a solution that’s increasingly sought out by private individuals with disabilities because, in addition to its recognized safety and reliability, it is also extremely compact and easy to use.

Vimec has been designing and manufacturing platform stairlifts since 1980, with thousands of safe and practical solutions having been installed in undergrounds, train stations, public offices, banks, shops, and restaurants.


The V64 platform stairlift with straight guide rail is extremely durable (capacity of up to 300 Kg), is suitable for overcoming one flight of stairs in both indoor and outdoor environments, and is equipped with a series of personal safety features for both the user and his/her assistant (if applicable). The V64 platform stairlift is designed for people confined to wheelchairs, and is perfect for both the home and public places.

This platform stairlift is the ideal solution for allowing people with disabilities, or confined to wheelchairs, to overcome a flight of stairs or a series of steps in complete safety.

Vimec’s V64 platform stairlift with straight guide rail guarantees accessibility to public and private structures, and is a solution that’s increasingly sought out by private individuals with disabilities because, in addition to its recognized safety and reliability, it is also extremely compact and easy to use.

Vimec has been designing and manufacturing platform stairlifts since 1980, with thousands of safe and practical solutions having been installed in undergroundstrain stationspublic officesbanksshops, and restaurants.


Climb the stairs from a comfortable seated position… with Vimec you can!

A staircase shouldn’t be seen as a problem, but rather a resource of the home that needs to be enriched and enhanced to meet the needs of the elderly.

Going up and down the stairs in a relaxing seated position, in complete safety and comfort, with a practical and easy to use stairlift. That’s the solution offered by Vimec, a company that’s attentive to the needs of the entire family, and those who still want to enjoy their independence during their golden years.


Just one flight of stairs? Why not do it from a comfortable seated position… with Vimec’s Ischia model you can!

Are you no longer able to climb the stairs of your home as quickly and easily as you used to? Are you looking for a way to reorganise your home environment, for yourself, your loved ones, or your elderly parents or grandparents, without cluttering up your daily life? Vimec can help.

For individual flights of stairs, Vimec offers the Ischia model chair stairlift, featuring a modern seat with a captivating design to ensure maximum comfort for the elderly.


It’s time to leave your worries behind… and enjoy the Dolce Vita!

Your home contains all the most important things in your life: your family, your memories, the things you love. Everything that brings you joy everyday. Enjoying your home at all times, independently, is a pleasure that you can continue to share with your family, without any limitations, and in maximum comfort.

VIMEC DOLCE VITA is the chair stairlift that eliminates the problem of stairs, and makes room for your independence.


An agile and practical platform lift designed to overcome height gaps of up to one metre with or without a wheelchair. Suitable for both indoor and outdoor installations, this model is available with stainless steel finishes and various platform sizes, is ideal for both the elderly and people with disabilities, and is designed for use in homes, as well as office buildings and public places.

Ideal for overcoming height gaps of up to 1 metre.

The Silver platform lift is an optimal solution for overcoming height gaps of up to 1 metre.

In order to overcome existing architectural barriers, architects, engineers, and interior designers often recommend vertical lift systems like the Silver platform lift, which, in addition to countless homes, has also been installed in dozens of showrooms and exhibition areas.

In fact, this solution can be installed for access to shops and offices, or any other public buildings where height gaps of up to 1 metre need to be overcome.


This sturdy and versatile platform lift by Vimec is capable of overcoming height gaps of up to 2 metres, and can even accommodate a wheelchair. The Steppy model is suitable for both indoor and outdoor installations, is available with various platform sizes, and is ideal for both the elderly and people with disabilities. The Steppy Plus model is designed for use in homes, as well as office buildings and public places.

Customizable platform sizes

Looking for a platform lift to overcome a height gap or opening of up to 2 metres?

In order to overcome existing architectural barriers, architects, engineers, and interior designers often recommend vertical lift systems like the Steppy Plus platform lift, which, in addition to countless homes, has also been installed in dozens of showrooms and exhibition areas.

In fact, this solution can be installed for access to shops and offices, or any other public buildings where height gaps of up to 2 metres need to be overcome.


A versatile and extremely comfortable solution for both domestic and public environments. The S11 Plus platform lift is ideal for overcoming the height gaps between the various floors of the house, or for facilitating access to public buildings.

Even for outdoor installation

This solution can be installed:

  • in a private home (to make the rooms of the house more accessible or to facilitate the mobility of people with disabilities in wheelchairs), thus improving the comfort of the home itself
  • in a condominium (one classic situation in the UK/Germany is the presence of three or four steps in front of the condominium’s ground floor entrance, which can be easily resolved with a platform lift)
  • in a shop/office building/restaurant, in order to overcome small height gaps.


The homelift with several thousand installations. The Easy Move homelift is a tried and tested solution for every mobility requirement in domestic and public environments, and is ideal for both indoor and outdoor installations, with a wide range of customisations available to bring added value to the home.

Freedom of movement, with a Comfortable Home For Everyone, complete with all the amenities you desire Making the choice is a question of style, the style of your own comfort. Enjoying your home means choosing every detail that gives it added value and makes you feel at ease, no matter how small.

The Easy Move homelift is also suitable for all types of home renovations and remodelling work. Moreover, the Easy Move homelift can also be easily installed in condominiumsshops, or office buildings.


The ECOVimec is a homelift that features unique technology: electrical and environmentally-friendly, thanks to the absence of any type of oil. Innovative, quiet, and elegant, to bring greater value to the home. Perfect for both indoor and outdoor installation.

The only model on the market without additional encumbrances for the machine room

Freedom of movement, with a Comfortable Home For Everyone, complete with all the amenities you desire. Making the choice is a question of style, the style of your own comfort.

Enjoying your home means choosing every detail that gives it added value and makes you feel at ease, no matter how small.

The ECOVimec electric homelift is also suitable for all types of home renovations and remodelling work.


Vimec home lift has been designed to add value to your home: the starting point are the minimal style lines, which are enriched with finishes and lights for a truly tailored solution.
With the E20 Home lift, you can match the cabin finishes with the home environment. Be inspired and choose the mood that most represents your home style.

Vimec Home Lift is the brand line designed for those who want to add a lift for the house to their home. Vimec Home lift is the customised answer to vertical mobility problems that is both environmentally sustainable and uses outstanding, and wholly Italian, technology.

Made with a wide degree of customisation, the Home lift is an investment that will increase the value of the home while ensuring notable levels of comfort and safety for the whole family.

These are tailor-made home lift solutions where, as Vimec, we focus our attention on the details, the materials and service to assure the family that chooses us will see the value of their home enhanced and renewed year on year. You can guarantee that a compact home lift can make a huge positive impact on your life.

Vimec’s Home Lift is ideal for two or three floors, but is able to reach up to five floors, as well as being suitable for installation on the inside or the outside of the building.

Our home lift is designed as an investment, with a wide degree of customisation, which will increase the value of the home while ensuring notable levels of comfort and safety for the whole family. The Vimec Home lift is the customised answer to vertical mobility problems that is both environmentally sustainable and uses outstanding, and wholly Italian, technology. No matter if you are seeking a basic model, or a more premium specification, there is something to fulfil your requirements. You can rest assured that by installing a compact home lift, you will have a safe method of travel between floors, so you won’t need to worry at all.

Ecological: it does not use hydraulic fluid, unlike the vast majority of systems available on the market.
Environmentally friendly: made from over 90% recyclable materials.
Technological: its safety and service aspects can be remotely monitored.
Upgrade: the Vimec Home lift can be upgraded over time, with made-to-measure components, details, technologies and services.

Vimec Home lift is a long-lasting investment that will increase the value of the house.

Social Sustainability – our first steps

In order to plan economic, social and environmental development in a fully sustainable way, Vimec is going on a “sustainability journey” through the “360° SustainAbility” project. It is our promise and dedication to develop a sustainable environment for all.

Vimec is a concrete example of the economic development of small and medium-sized companies in Italy: more than 65% of its suppliers operates within a few kilometres from the Luzzara production facilities, and the related activities generated by Vimec involve more than a thousand families.

To this positive economic and social impact, Vimec adds the implementation of local projects including social and charitable initiatives, such as:

– Donations to support local entities (schools, volunteer associations, municipalities).

– In spring 2020, during the Covid-19 pandemic, Vimec donated 250 FP2 type surgical masks to the Municipality of Luzzara to be used by all social and health workers in the municipal area, engaged in helping the weaker segments of the population.

– “Ensuring Mobility” project: in collaboration with the Municipality of Luzzara, Vimec contributed in the sponsorship of the purchase of a minibus to transport disabled residents to the hospitals in the provincial capital, Reggio Emilia.

– “Vimec Free All” project: to celebrate its 40th anniversary (the company was founded in April, 21st  1980), Vimec promoted a contest to donate an installation free of charge to foster the removal of architectural barriers in public premises. Through its Facebook page, Vimec firstly asked citizens and local associations to point out the presence of architectural barriers in “places of the heart” of their cities (this lasted from July to October 2020).

Then, from November to December 2020, people could vote their favourite “place of the heart” among the previously suggested ones on Vimec’s Facebook page. The contest, which collected over 10,000 votes, was won by the Petraio funicular railway station in Naples, 1st place, followed by a volunteers’ associations building in Borgoricco (Padua) which received a T09 Roby mobile stairlift with wheels as a prize during an official ceremony in the presence of the city mayor Alberto Stefani on Friday, May 28th

As for the Petraio station in Naples, Vimec will install its own system for removing architectural barriers free of charge. Currently, negotiations with the local government are on-going to be able to install the system as soon as possible.

This initiative will significantly improve the accessibility of two very popular public spaces and enhance the mobility of people with impaired mobility, who will finally be able to access the two top-rated sites.

360° Sustainability Project

Vimec has always been driven by ambition and by the desire to develop products to create a world without barriers, a world that promotes individual freedom of movement, thus improving people’s quality of life. We feel good and fully satisfied whenever we solve an accessibility problem. This is our craft, it’s what we have been doing for 40 years now, executing projects around the world and improving the quality of life of tens of thousands of people.

A more accessible world will help us leave this place to our children better than we found it.

But this is not enough. Leaving a better world means planning economic, social and environmental development in a fully sustainable way.

Through the “360° SustainAbility” project, Vimec commits to report every year the activities and results of its sustainable development path, which includes reducing emissions and having ethics in our conduct, with close attention and equal opportunities for our employees.

What is our approach to the project?

• Multidimensional stakeholder approach: social, economic, environmental
• Definition / applicability to all stakeholders of the organization

  • Benchmarking with companies considered to be at the forefront in this field
  • A concrete strategy (what to do) and an implementation plan (how to do it)
    • Listing goals and KPIs for regular progress tracking
    • Identification of key success factors to ensure inclusion in daily operations

To confirm our commitment and give full visibility to the progress we are making, we are presenting the first report dedicated to this project.

Click here to download the report.

Vimec Home Lift E20: customizable elements

The technology we use at Vimec ensures safe, reliable, and user-friendly products, but there is another very important aspect that we take in high consideration: the aesthetics of the mini home elevator.

The beauty of something that becomes part of the living space should not be underestimated and for this reason our home lift is highly customizable.

A home elevator just as you want it

When looking for a home lift for your property, you need to evaluate both the technical and the quality features as well as the elements that can give style.

Having the possibility to customize the home elevator means making it a distinctive element of the property and no longer just a useful tool.

By carefully choosing materials, colors, and lights you can create a real “moving room” that can adapt to the mood and the interior design of your home.

Customize your Vimec E20 Home Lift

Our products are truly tailor-made. A Vimec home elevator is designed to suit the aesthetic tastes of the customer.

The standard version of the Home Lift E20 has sleek, minimal lines that can be combined with elegant finishes, smart lighting systems, and natural, quality materials such as wood. You can create combinations to make this vertical mobility device a wonderful micro environment in motion.

The parts that can be customized are:

– Cabin push-button wall

– Platform flooring

– Cabin doors

– Push-button panel finishes

– Handrail and metal frame finishes

The choice of materials, colors and patterns is wide and can be perfectly matched to the walls and furniture of the house.

In its standard version, the cabin is composed of white finish walls, white wood push-button panel wall (upgrade is available with mood/inspirations), black mechanical push-button panel with display and brushed stainless steel frame, black charcoal floor, 72 million customizable lights. In addition, the remaining walls inside the cabin can be configured with five LED strips, full-height flush mirror, glass infill or 2 different types of handrails.

The upgradable Home lift E20 to meet style changes

There is one aspect that cannot be overlooked by designers, the change of trends and styles that over time can also involve the decor and look of the interior and exterior areas of a property.

In order for the Vimec Home Lift to adapt to the location where it is installed, we have designed a cabin that can be upgraded in terms of finishes, replacement of parts or implementation of materials without having to disassemble the entire lift.

This innovative and forward-looking concept of home elevator is a considerable advantage for those who buy one but still want the possibility to renew and adapt it in a simple and really safe way.

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