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  • Vimec Home Lift E20: customizable elements


The technology we use at Vimec ensures safe, reliable, and user-friendly products, but there is another very important aspect that we take in high consideration: the aesthetics of the mini home elevator.

The beauty of something that becomes part of the living space should not be underestimated and for this reason our home lift is highly customizable.

A home elevator just as you want it

When looking for a home lift for your property, you need to evaluate both the technical and the quality features as well as the elements that can give style.

Having the possibility to customize the home elevator means making it a distinctive element of the property and no longer just a useful tool.

By carefully choosing materials, colors, and lights you can create a real “moving room” that can adapt to the mood and the interior design of your home.

Customize your Vimec E20 Home Lift

Our products are truly tailor-made. A Vimec home elevator is designed to suit the aesthetic tastes of the customer.

The standard version of the Home Lift E20 has sleek, minimal lines that can be combined with elegant finishes, smart lighting systems, and natural, quality materials such as wood. You can create combinations to make this vertical mobility device a wonderful micro environment in motion.

The parts that can be customized are:

– Cabin push-button wall

– Platform flooring

– Cabin doors

– Push-button panel finishes

– Handrail and metal frame finishes

The choice of materials, colors and patterns is wide and can be perfectly matched to the walls and furniture of the house.

In its standard version, the cabin is composed of white finish walls, white wood push-button panel wall (upgrade is available with mood/inspirations), black mechanical push-button panel with display and brushed stainless steel frame, black charcoal floor, 72 million customizable lights. In addition, the remaining walls inside the cabin can be configured with five LED strips, full-height flush mirror, glass infill or 2 different types of handrails.

The upgradable Home lift E20 to meet style changes

There is one aspect that cannot be overlooked by designers, the change of trends and styles that over time can also involve the decor and look of the interior and exterior areas of a property.

In order for the Vimec Home Lift to adapt to the location where it is installed, we have designed a cabin that can be upgraded in terms of finishes, replacement of parts or implementation of materials without having to disassemble the entire lift.

This innovative and forward-looking concept of home elevator is a considerable advantage for those who buy one but still want the possibility to renew and adapt it in a simple and really safe way.


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