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  • Vimec focuses upon the Made in Italy marking


Made in Italy, for growth: manufacturing in Italy, at its own facilities in Luzzara, allows Vimec to improve its quality, while at the same time reducing costs through continuous innovation and the constant expansion of its product range.

This commitment has borne excellent results with the creation of the Vimec Dolce Vita chair stairlift, a successful product that boasts nearly 1,000 installations throughout Italy thanks to its unique characteristics: it’s even capable of overcoming tracts of up to 40 metres, and its meticulous and modern design renders it a beautiful addition to any interior.

In the wake of the success of its Dolce Vita model, as of January, Vimec resumed manufacturing its mobile stairclimbers in Italy, an activity that had been outsourced to China for nearly 10 years, with a production value of approximately 3 thousand units annually, amounting to 7% of the company’s turnover.

The announcement was made by Vimec’s CEO, Giuseppe Lupo, during a press conference held at the Luzzara facility, which was attended by the mayor and journalists from the industry’s leading publications.

lupo sindaco luzzara vimec

“We don’t only want to be leaders in terms of sales,” Lupo continued,“and we are therefore focusing upon the technical aspects and innovation, as well as customer service and after sales support: we invest almost € 1 million in these services each year, in order to ensure a constant presence all over Italy, with technicians located throughout the entire country.”

This line is now manufactured at the Luzzara facilities, thus allowing the company not only to reduce its costs, but also to make design changes aimed at improving the quality of the stairclimbers themselves, which was previously difficult to accomplish with production being carried out overseas.

The benefits of this decision also extend to the area of Luzzara: the production of this line has led to the recruitment of 6 permanent workers and Vimec’s collaboration with local companies. In fact, the materials are now purchased from local suppliers, with packaging costs that practically amount to nothing.

Manufacturing in Italy also reduces the waiting times for the delivery of the T09 Roby mobile stairclimbers, which is an extremely important aspect for customers to consider when choosing the lifting system that’s best for them.

Customer awareness, innovation, and ongoing research are the guiding principles that allow Vimec to continuously improve the services offered to its customers.


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