360° Sustainability Project

Vimec has always been driven by ambition and by the desire to develop products to create a world without barriers, a world that promotes individual freedom of movement, thus improving people’s quality of life. We feel good and fully satisfied whenever we solve an accessibility problem. This is our craft, it’s what we have been doing for 40 years now, executing projects around the world and improving the quality of life of tens of thousands of people.

A more accessible world will help us leave this place to our children better than we found it.

But this is not enough. Leaving a better world means planning economic, social and environmental development in a fully sustainable way.

Through the “360° SustainAbility” project, Vimec commits to report every year the activities and results of its sustainable development path, which includes reducing emissions and having ethics in our conduct, with close attention and equal opportunities for our employees.

What is our approach to the project?

• Multidimensional stakeholder approach: social, economic, environmental
• Definition / applicability to all stakeholders of the organization

  • Benchmarking with companies considered to be at the forefront in this field
  • A concrete strategy (what to do) and an implementation plan (how to do it)
    • Listing goals and KPIs for regular progress tracking
    • Identification of key success factors to ensure inclusion in daily operations

To confirm our commitment and give full visibility to the progress we are making, we are presenting the first report dedicated to this project.

Click here to download the report.

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