Great Place to Work project

In the current socio-economic context, the concept of “Work-Life Balance”, which includes the adoption of flexible working models and the reconciliation between professional and personal or family needs, is becoming particularly relevant.

For this reason, Vimec has decided to embrace the “Great place to work” project, an initiative promoted together with professional consultants that aims to ensure a positive working environment, where employees can express themselves and fully develop their professional skills. A group of people within the company volunteered as intermediary to collect and discuss suggestions aimed at:

– improving the work climate

– promoting relationships between colleagues by encouraging proposals to improve interpersonal relations inside and outside the company

– encouraging actions for the well-being inside the company

This group is called Vimec Experience Team and promotes the active participation of employees in the life and values of the company, scheduling sharing moments to exchange feedback and information.

Recent studies on the excellence of working environment have highlighted the relationship of trust between the individual and the company. And this is the aim of Vimec, to promote a positive relationship of trust with its employees.

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