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The technical term for Home Automation, “Domotics”, is derived from a combination of the Latin term “domus” (house) and the modern term “robotics”.

In addition to being a continuously evolving science, in everyday life home automation can be understood as a series of technologies designed to improve quality of life within the home.

Computers and electronics are brought together inside the house to automate and simplify the management of all the home’s systems.

Home Automation in everyday life

Home Automations are intended to make your home more convenient with an integrated automation system capable of offer highly advanced solutions in terms of comfort, security, multimedia services, and remote control possibilities.

The main obstacle to the spread of home automations is their cost, which remains high. More and more companies, however, are providing systems with various levels of functionality, so that the installations can be modified and implemented over time.

Find out the main benefits that home automations have to offer:

  • Electrical system automation: you can automate the management of your lights, either individually or in groups. You automate your blinds and shutters.
  • Sound diffusion and ambience: change the atmosphere to your liking, by having your favourite music start playing automatically accompanied by your preferred temperature and lighting.
  • Securityalarm and video surveillance systems allow people to leave their homes with complete peace of mind. Security systems also detect floods, gas leaks, and blackouts, and automatically reset the circuit breakers.
  • Remote management: in addition to controlling their various functions from the dedicated control units installed inside the home, the latest home automation systems can even be controlled remotely using a smartphone or tablet.

Home automation and energy savings

One of the most notable advantages of home automation is linked to the management of energy consumption and energy savings. The ways in which a home automation system can be beneficial to you and the environment are described below:

  • Consumption monitoring: thanks to the displays installed at the home, the user can always view up-to-date and aggregated data regarding their electricity, gas and water consumption. This allows them to take immediate action if any “bad” consumption habits are detected.
  • Electrical load management: the user can set a maximum electricity consumption level, and establish priorities for the use of appliances, so that the “less important” ones will be disconnected in the event of an overload: no more blackouts! This function is also useful for setting on/off times, in order to take full advantage of hourly consumption rates.
  • Temperature controldifferent temperatures can be set for the various rooms of the house, in order to prevent waste and optimise consumption. The ideal temperature, whenever and wherever you want!

Only the best for your home

When building a new home from scratch, or carrying out major renovations, it’s a good idea to consider installing a home automation system designed to meet your needs. Home Automation systems are designed to help you manage your home and enjoy maximum comfort within your home environment.

Why not take advantage of the benefits that a home of the future has to offer?


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