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Vimec and customer satisfaction

We would like to dedicate some space to telling you about our business and what we strive to do every day. Designing, building and installing systems for eliminating architectural barriers is what we do, and this is evident to everyone.

But the work that we actually do each day consists of much more, something less evident, and much more important.

We provide solutions to people who struggle within their homes, or while visiting the public places they frequent.

We are charged with the delicate task of understanding people’s needs, and coming up with the products best suited to resolving their problems.

Whether we’re talking about a chair stairlift, a platform lift, or a homelift, there are very few aspects of our work that can be considered standard. Every home and environment in which we are called upon to work has its own specific architectural characteristics, with dimensions and constraints to be respected.

Each of our installations is new and original, and cannot be duplicated.

We know there’s no such thing as perfection!

We reached and exceeded the milestone of 110,000 installations: a huge number that makes us proud of what we have accomplished, and gives us the strength and confidence to introduce ourselves to new customers each day.

The Internet is a tool that we use in a targeted manner in order to publicise our company and our products.

This tool allows us to reach thousands of people every day, while at the same time inevitably exposing us to the criticism of those who claim to be dissatisfied with our work. This is a risk that we have accepted and shall never back away from. In fact, this criticism is utilised within our organisation as a catalyst for the processes of improving our customer responses and the response times themselves.

Then again, while dissatisfied customers rapidly disseminate their messages through social media and/or using other online tools, satisfied customers disseminate their messages in a more modest may, often with private messages or phone calls of appreciation.

That’s just part of the game, and we’re glad to be part of it. For us, the Internet serves as a constant stimulus to improve, to formulate proposals, and to come up with solutions that are increasingly responsive to our customers’ needs and expectations.

Poltroncina montascale Vimec Dolce Vita

This is the case, for example, with Vimec’s Dolce Vita model, our new chair stairlift that has arisen from a series of design constraints linked to an increase of various demands in recent years:

  • safety and ease of use;
  • compact size to allow for use on smaller staircases as well;
  • affordable price with respect to similar products offered by the competition;
  • design and production entirely in Italy.

The Dolce Vita model is a solution for many requirements, because Vimec is not just an engineering company, but a group of people who are constantly striving to come up with the best solutions to the needs of other people, who simply want to live their lives and enjoy their mobility with complete peace of mind.

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