The practicality of the T09 Roby mobile stairclimber

It was one of George’s relatives who suggested that he purchase a mobile stairclimber.

George tells us that, after his heart attack, his children, all of whom live nearby, were adamant that he should move to a different house.

I’ve been living in this house for over thirty years. I’m attached to it, and I want to remain in my own home. Even if I’m not as young as I used to be, I still set the rules in my own home,” he tells us lightheartedly.

The mobile stairclimber allows me to quickly go upstairs accompanied by my wife or daughter, who are now able to easily operate the machine after receiving instructions from the Vimec consultant during his visit. Fortunately it’s not hard to use: there are just two “up” and “down” controls on the handlebars, and the person operating the machine just has to keep their hands on the grips while the machine does all the work.

In the words of his daughter Claire:
At first we were nervous about using the stairclimber, since my father’s loss of mobility was so sudden, but the demonstration we received here at home convinced us, and now we’re completely satisfied with this solution: dad doesn’t have to make any dangerous physical exertions, and we’re always here to keep an eye on things.

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