The T10 Scalacombi model is a wheeled mobile stairclimber with a safe and practical design for people who have difficulty climbing stairs, and is perfect for narrow staircases.

The T10 Scalacombi mobile stairclimber and the T09 Roby tracked stairclimber are flagship products that have made Vimec a worldwide leader in its field.

To overcome the steps of a staircase, in order to ensure freedom of movement for people with limited mobility or difficulty walking (heart patients, people who have recently undergone surgery). Their use requires the help of an assistant, and no fixed installations are required.


Suitable for elderly people, who can be accompanied on the stairs while remaining in a seated position, the T10 Scalacombi model is an ideal stairclimber for narrow staircases (min. 550 mm wide), with small landings (> 70 cm) and/or with fan shaped steps, and is capable of overcoming slopes of up to 55°.

It can be broken down quickly and easily into several parts, in order to facilitate transport in the boot of a car.

The T10 Scalacombi wheeled mobile stairclimber is safe and easy to use. Thanks to its advanced and intuitive technology, the assistant simply has the passenger sit on the stairclimber’s seat and operates the user-friendly controls.

The safety and reliability features allow the assistant to operate the unit effortlessly, and allow the passenger to overcome the staircase in complete comfort, in both directions. With the T10 mobile stairclimber and the assistance of an operator, the user is able to climb up and down the stairs in complete safety.

Simple and convenient

The stairclimber’s patented transmission with softstep function allows the unit to ascend and descend each individual step in an extraordinarily gentle manner. The user can remain seated on a comfortable padded seat, complete with an adjustable footrest. The armrests can be collapsed in order to allow the user to climb on or off the seat in a more simple and convenient manner.

Vimec is always close by thanks to a network of consultants and professionals in every Italian province: try out Vimec’s support service.

Where to find the T10 Scalacombi mobile stairclimber

The Mobile Stairclimber Division has professional consultants all over Italy who are capable of recommending the best solutions to meet your needs.

As required by the current regulations, the T10 Scalacombi mobile stairclimber is always furnished with a brief training course for the assistant, in order to help them become familiar with the product’s functions, as well as the ease of use and safety features that have made it one of the market’s leading products.

Contact Vimec’s Customer Service department by filling out the yellow box to obtain indications specific to your requirements, and for assistance in choosing the solution that best meets your needs.

Measurements, encumbrances, and consumption values of the mobile stairclimber for seated passengers; it is also known as a motorised stairclimber, or a stairclimber for the disabled.

Design and functionality

The T10 Scalacombi mobile stairclimber has a modern and aesthetically pleasing design.

All the features of the T10 Scalacombi stairclimber are aimed at meeting the needs of the passenger and the operator.

Weight: 31 (of which 20 Kg for the motor body, 5 Kg for the handlebar with backrest, and 6 Kg for the seat, armrests, and foot rests).

Speed: 12 steps per minute.

Autonomy: 200 steps (indicatively 11 floors).

Slope: max. 55°

Capacity: 120 Kg

Minimum landing depth: 800 mm.

Minimum staircase width: 550 mm.

Ideal for overcoming fan shaped steps.

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