Why Vimec Is Well-Suited To Catering To Your Needs

In case you weren’t already aware, the mobility aid industry is currently experiencing a boom like no other. In the past, elderly individuals, and those who struggled to get around the house, were forced to make do with sub-par products that were likely to fall apart shortly after installation. Thankfully, problems such as these are being stamped out, and this is especially true if you put your faith into a retailer like Vimec. Below, we have taken the liberty of shining a light on the services that may interest you – we hope that these enable you to see our company in a clear light.

A Bit About Us?

If this is your first time coming into contact with Vimec, it is important that we provide you with a brief bit of background information regarding our organisation. Although we first opened for business in Italy, we have since made it our mission to provide first-class platform lifts, both for use at home and in public, across Europe. We have amassed more than forty years worth of experience in this industry, which is not something that can be boasted by many of our competitors. Despite the fact that our prices vary by country, we are renowned for keeping our charges to a minimum – we only want what is best for our clients.

Domestic Products

Should you be reading this as someone that wishes to improve the level of home comfort that they can enjoy on a daily basis, allow us a moment to highlight some of the fantastic domestic units that we have within our collection. When you come to Vimec, you have the opportunity to collaborate with a firm that, above all else, wants to upgrade your living situation. Were you to purchase either the Dolcevita or Capri, you would notice that the way in which you live your life would be changed for the better; not only are these stairlifts comfortable, but they are also durable.

Commercial Units

To those of you that are concerned that Vimec’s primary concern is in relation to residential projects, we are pleased to be able to set the record straight. Our catalogue is one that is constantly evolving, as this ensures that we are able to assist a greater proportion of our audience. Case-and-point, it is our commercial collection that has received particular praise in the past few years. From the V65 Platform Stairlift, to the T09 Roby Stairclimber – the possibilities are seemingly endless. 

Shedding Light On Our Reputation

Despite the fact that you have now been given an opportunity to familiarise yourself with the types of products that Vimec offers, you may still be on the fence as to whether or not you wish to enlist our help. This is perfectly understandable, as there are various firms that you can go to for assistance in this department. However, if you were to look over some of our Google Reviews, you would see that we are renowned at achieving total satisfaction for our clients – this easily allows us to stand apart from the crowd.

Want To Place An Order?

By now, the vast majority of you should be well-acquainted with the best-selling Vimec homelifts, as well as the ways in which they can transform your life. Our units come with supplementary battery packs, ensuring that power failures will not leave you in a compromising position. Aside from the comprehensive catalogue that we have to offer, we are also routinely commended for our ability to provide insightful customer support. To chat to one of our incredible specialists, all you need to do is give us a call on 01264 939930 – they will be ready-and-waiting to assist you.

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