Why Disabled-Access Products are Thriving Amongst High-Street Retailers

In times gone by, platform stairlifts were sold specifically to the domestic market; their main function was to help homeowners retain their independence at home. Whilst this remains true to this day, there has been a significant spike in the number of companies that are now taking it upon themselves to purchase and install state-of-the-art mobility aids. Should you find yourself entertaining the idea of going down a similar route, you might like to take advantage of Vimec’s expertise. We can educate you on the major selling-points of these units, and hopefully convince you as to why this is a smart investment opportunity.

Promotes Customer Safety

To many of you, this will be the most-obvious reason as to why you should divert some of your corporate finances into acquiring a first-class stairlift. It does not matter if you operate in the retail sector or the hospitality industry – at some point, you will be visited by disabled persons. It is vital that you take the necessary steps to accommodate them, and this is where the stairlift comes into play. By having this in-place, you ensure that your disabled audience do not need to put themselves in harm’s way.

Enhances Public Reputation

When you initially advertise the fact that you are taking the requirements of older people and those who are mobility-challenged into consideration, it won’t take long for this to facilitate a boost to your public reputation. After-all, you are marking yourself apart from the rest of the crowd, and trying to keep each-and-every one of your audience members on an equal playing field. As the months go-by, you will notice a distinct increase in the number of customers that frequent your establishment.

Long-Term Benefits

At first, you might feel that the cost of a stairlift is something that is rather hard to justify in the grand scheme of things. What some of you may have failed to realise, however, is that these units are incredibly durable. The importance of this is that, aside from the odd-bit of maintenance, you are free to operate as you normally would. The chances of you having to spend money on repairs is minimal, which we are sure is news that would be well-received.

How Can We Be of Assistance?

Whilst we are normally thought-of as being a retailer that specialises in the selling of residential stairlifts, it is important that we draw your attention to the fact that we are also more-than capable of helping businesses. When you come to Vimec, the sky’s the limit – a look at some of our glowing Google Reviews will reveal that we are adept when it comes to leaving our clients completely satisfied. Whatsmore, our ever-growing catalogue features a diverse-array of units. You can expect to find everything from a V64 Stairlift to a T09 Roby Stairclimber.

Things to Keep in Mind

If you are starting to see the value of having a stairlift for disabled individuals in your business establishment, it could be that you would like to invest in one of these incredible units sooner rather than later. Unfortunately, buying a stairlift is not quite as straightforward as you have been led to believe, not least because of the number of variants from which you can choose from. 


Here at Vimec, we excel at listening to our client’s particular project details, and suggesting units that are best-suited to them. Whatsmore, we can install a stairlift in a smooth-and-seamless manner, minimising the overall disruption. To inquire about the cost of installation, or ask questions regarding why we are a first-class stairlift company, the number that you need to call is 01264 939930.

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