Why Businesses Are Starting To Invest In Disabled Lifts

When they were first released, it was evidently clear that stairlifts and similar mobility products were marketed to be used at home. The way in which they were constructed meant that they were ideal for being installed in run-of-the-mill staircases. As time has gone on, however, the world of business has begun to take notice of these units, with many starting to realise that they are a shrewd investment. If you find yourself entertaining the idea of buying a disabled lift, allow Vimec to demonstrate the benefits that can subsequently be enjoyed.

Smooth-and-Seamless Operation

It could be possible that, until this point, you have managed to get by without having a lift on your premises. Whilst this is all well-and-good, you may be causing certain individuals a great deal of distress, as you are forcing them to go up-and-down stairs that are rather steep. A solution to this comes in the form of a first-class mobility aid. Regardless of if you decide to go for a powered stairclimber or an alternative seating system, the results will speak for themselves.

Long-Lasting Investment

If you were to take a moment to evaluate the way in which modern mobility products are put-together, we are sure that you will be taken aback by the durability of these units. You may be asking why we wish to draw your attention to this; to put it simply, it is because you will be purchasing a product that can last for the foreseeable future, with very little required in the way of maintenance. As time goes on, you will be increasingly thankful that you decided to push ahead with acquiring a stair climber, or similar type of stairlift.

Excellent Reputation Booster

Once you have installed your disabled lift, we highly-recommend that you devote some of your remaining marketing budget towards advertising your business’ new addition. When you showcase that you are a mobility-friendly establishment, it will not take long for you to begin receiving new audience members. With new customers comes more opportunities to make a profit; we are sure that this is not lost on you, and that you will be eager to make this reality come to life.

Why Come To Us

In case you didn’t already know, we are Vimec – having established ourselves as one of the leading stairlift retailers in the world, we would be privileged if we had the chance to assist you in your current circumstances. Should you need some evidence as to our credentials, we suggest that you take some time out of your day to scroll through our ever-growing list of Google Reviews. These should highlight the fact that the quality of our products is second-to-none, as are our customer service capabilities – you will be hard-pressed to find a better company to collaborate with. 

One Final Word

Here at Vimec, it does not matter if you are in the market for a disabled stairclimber that can be fitted in your home, or you are a company that wants to be able to attract the attention of disabled people. From the moment that we opened our doors for business, we made it clear that we would move heaven-and-earth in order to fulfil our customers’ requirements. This, you will be pleased to hear, is a goal that we have had no-trouble achieving. From battery-powered stairlifts designed for spiral staircases, to pieces of equipment that are compatible with listed buildings – the possibilities are endless when you decide to work with us.  Why don’t you send your details to us at info@vimec.biz, and see which products take your fancy?

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