Why Are Mobile Stairclimbers So Important?


If you have faced difficulties from a mobility standpoint for an extended period of time, you will no-doubt be familiar with the mobile stairclimbers that have emerged in recent years, and the way in which they operate. However, if this is something of a new area for you, you might be looking to expand your knowledge on the topic. Thanks to the time that we have spent in this industry, the Vimec experts are ideally-suited to shedding some light on the most popular models, as well as the benefits that they offer.

What Are They?

Whilst you might have previously had the opportunity to clap eyes on a run-of-the-mill stairlift, you may not be quite so familiar with the innovative units that are stairclimbers. In essence, these are targeted towards individuals that are confined to a wheelchair. Should you lack the mobility necessary to climb out of your chair in order to use an alternative product, a stairclimber will offer you the convenience that you have been so-desperately searching for. Despite being relatively slow in terms of their operation speed, the impact that they can have on your life is second-to-none.

What Are The Benefits?

Though it appears to be relatively obvious, it is understandable that you may wish to expand your knowledge of stairclimbers and, more specifically, the benefits that they can have. If you have recently lost an element of your mobility, you might have found that your ability to move about within the comfort of your own home has been somewhat compromised. Perhaps the narrow staircase in your property hinders your movements; it could be that the curved stairs are constantly proving to be a hassle. Whatever the situation may be, a stairclimber is a cost-effective way in which to remedy your problems.

T09 Roby

Should you be trying to stick to a relatively strict budget, but are still aiming to drastically improve your stair climbing capabilities, now may be the time to turn your attention to the Roby Stairclimber. At first glance, you would be forgiven for thinking that this is a cumbersome piece of equipment. However, ithas been specifically designed to be portable; with no permanent fixtures, it will not take long for you to move this to different locations with ease. This is a feature that you would be foolish to overlook without considerable thought and contemplation.

T10 Scalacombi

If you are reading this, and are willing to splash out a little more on a premium unit, you will be delighted to hear that the Scalacombi Stairclimber is ready-and-waiting for you. What sets this model apart from others currently in circulation is the fact that it has no-trouble getting around spiral staircases. The sleek design means that it can blend into your existing interior decor without blemishing the time and effort that you have put in to design the perfect home – we are sure that this will not go unnoticed.

Highlighting Our Services

Evidently, there are numerous powered stairclimbers that can be found on the market, all of which possess their own distinct benefits. Unfortunately, this can make it rather tricky to work out which of these is best-suited to assisting you in your particular circumstances. For those of you that would like to discuss your needs in further detail with a firm that has a glowing reputation in this industry, the solution is evident – come to Vimec for assistance. No matter if your home consists of spiral stairs, or you have a traditional straight staircase, our services will not let you down. Why not write to our team today at info@vimec.biz and get the ball rolling?

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