Which Stairclimber In The UK Is Right For You?

Stairclimber In The UK

Whilst it may not seem like it, the fact of the matter is that scouting through the various different stairclimber models that are currently in circulation can be a rather daunting task. This is particularly true if this is your first foray into the mobility market. As a leading supplier of these types of products, Vimec’s team of specialists are well-versed in which units are flying off the shelves. If you would like to become privy to this information, you need only look at your helpful guide below.

Dolce Vita

If you are searching for the epitome of style, we are pleased to inform you that your search has come to an end. The sweeping curves that feature on the Dolce Vita are simply incredible, and are certainly a departure from the clunky designs which were a common occurrence on older models. Fitted with sensors that ensure that, if an obstacle is detected, stop your stairlift dead in its track, this is a product which is meant to keep you safe. 


Most would agree that out of the different models which feature on this list, the Ischia is the one which is arguably the most basic. However, despite only being able to handle straight staircases, it certainly has a role to play. Although it is simple in its composition, there are fun units which can compete with it from a functional perspective. In terms of visuals, it will easily blend into your existing decor, ensuring that you don’t have to worry about redecorating to accommodate it into your set-up.


From a comfort point of view, you could do a lot worse than opting to invest in the Capri. The most prominent feature of this unit is easily the padded seat – this has been fine-tuned to be ergonomic for the user, and helps to maintain posture. Though it features a slightly old-fashioned control system, in the form of a joystick, this does not have an adverse impact on your overall experience. For those of you that were wondering, the Capri conveniently folds into the wall whilst not in use, which is excellent when you are entertaining guests.

Need Something A Little Different?

Depending on your physical condition, it could be that a powered stairclimber simply will not suffice – however, there is no need to feel disheartened. Thanks to the level of research and development which has taken place within the mobility industry, there are now various products that you can take advantage of. Case-and-point, more and more homeowners are beginning to invest in comfortable home lifts; although they require extensive property renovations to properly function, there is no denying their incredible functionality. Alternatively, you may be wheelchair bound, in which case a platform stairlift could be an ideal addition to your home.

Start Your Journey Today

Interested in regaining some of the independence that you lost when your physical mobility began to decline, but are unsure of how to make this a reality? Searching for a top-tier stairclimber that can be integrated into your property with ease, and has demonstrated itself to be incredibly durable? To those of you that feel that these statements accurately depict the situation that you find yourself in, allow us to introduce ourselves – we are Vimec. 


Over the years, we have become a leading authority in the world of mobility-related products. With a history of achieving total satisfaction for our clients, we would love to do our bit to leave you with a smile on your face. If you give us a call today on 01264 939930, we will provide an in-depth breakdown of how we can be of assistance. 

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