What Are They Key Features Of Bespoke Stairlifts?

Bespoke Stairlifts


Stairlifts are an excellent investment for anyone who is reaching an advanced age, and needs a little assistance travelling between the floors of their property. If you are entertaining the idea of going down this particular route, allow Vimec to guide you through the features which are must-haves in the modern units.

Swivel Chair

The individuals that typically use stairlifts do not tend to have much movement throughout their body – as such, it is important to try and amplify convenience as much as possible. It is for this reason that having a swivel chair makes a huge amount of sense. This relatively simple feature will ensure that mounting and dismounting can be done with ease, and without much hassle. For those of you that want to ride in comfort, you may also want to use a padded seat.

Electronic Controls

Whilst some may consider this to be an added luxury, rather than a necessity, we advocate that this is a feature that you would rue missing out. There are some traditional models that prefer to stick to the joystick method of control; however, many see this to be outdated and not particularly efficient. Instead, you should look for a model which has an integrated electronic control panel in the armrest. This means that, at a touch of a button, you can control your speed and direction.

Battery Pack

Unfortunately, in times gone by, stairlifts were greatly undermined by their inability to function during power cuts. This essentially means that, during times of emergency, they were rendered useless. Thankfully, this is an issue that has been put to bed courtesy of the battery pack. This will kick in should your mains supply of electricity suddenly cut out; from a safety point of view, few features can profess to be more important than this, hence why it can now be found in all units produced by self-respecting manufacturers.

Power Rail

Contrary to popular belief, modern stairlifts no longer have to be fixed directly to the wall. The reason why designers deviated away from this is because it could lead to structural damage, which may cost thousands to try and rectify. Instead, the innovative power rail came into existence. This will run along your handrail, and maintain a steady journey throughout the duration. Whilst perhaps not the fanciest feature, there is no denying that from a practical point of view, it is excellent.

Vimec – Here For You

As you can hopefully see, there are various features which, if you are trying to create a top-tier stairlift that offers supreme comfort, you cannot afford to overlook. If you would like to eliminate the hassle that is involved in creating one of these products yourself, it may be worthwhile enlisting the help of a third-party which acts as a retailer for first-class stairclimbers. In circumstances such as these, you would be hard-pressed to find an alternative to Vimec which can provide you with the same level of satisfaction.

Our battery-powered products are excellent when deployed in practical settings, and are guaranteed to leave you with a smile on your face. Regardless of whether you have a straight or curved staircase, we promise that we have the right unit for you. Not only this, but we are reputable for our incredible customer service. Case-and-point, if you have any questions, you can direct them to us using the form on our website’s contact page.  

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