What Are The Most Popular Stairlifts To Purchase?


The wide-range of stairlifts that are currently in circulation throughout Gloucester is nothing short of incredible. Everywhere that you look, you will find companies that are advocating that it is their models that are touted to be the best. Here at Vimec, we have been working with stairlifts for more than forty years – as such, we believe that we are ideally-suited to provide you with a breakdown of the units that would fit into your property with ease.


When it comes to finding a basic model that, although may not come with all the ‘bells and whistles’ that more advanced units come equipped with, functions in an efficient-and-effective manner, it is hard to look past the Ischia. From a design perspective, it is relatively simple – however, one could argue that this is part of its charm. Capable of ascending a single staircase in a matter of moments, elderly individuals that are lacking in physical mobility will certainly be able to get a lot of use out of this. You may also be intrigued to learn that, in terms of price, this can be acquired relatively cheaply.


In terms of sheer capableness, the Capri is head-and-shoulders above the other units to feature on this list. At full extension, this can be used to travel up two flights of stairs, curved or otherwise. The framework offers a great degree of flexibility, which means that it is somewhat of a trendsetter within the mobility industry. You will likely be pleased to hear that you can enjoy enjoy the benefit of a footrest with this product, something that many would regard as an added bonus.

Dolce Vita

It will not take you long to realise that the Dolce Vita is regarded as a luxury commodity, and not something that can be purchased without a healthy budget. The sleek curves that this unit possesses means that it will not be a blemish on your home’s existing decor – on the contrary, some people argue that from an aesthetic point of view, this is something of an upgrade. The padded chair that this comes with as standard is fantastic at enhancing the comfort of your travels; as you can imagine, this is not something to be taken for granted.

Why Buy From Us?

Those of you that are currently trying to determine which retailer possesses the best stairlifts in Gloucestershire might be finding it rather difficult to come to a satisfying conclusion. Numerous firms profess to be the finest local stairlift supplier, yet few have the quality to back this claim up. However, this is not an issue that you will encounter when you come to Vimec. Our products are not only cost-effective but also incredibly high-quality – whether you opt for a straight or curved unit, the outcome will leave you smiling-and-satisfied. If you need any convincing of this fact, we are sure that our Google Reviews will make for pleasant reading.

Vimec – Here To Help

Are you someone that has been finding it rather tricky to determine which stairlift company 

 you would like to collaborate with? Do you find yourself constantly scouring the Internet for quality stairlifts that come equipped with high-end safety features, yet are struggling to source a product that you consider to be ‘perfect’? To those of you that feel as if these statements apply directly to you, the solution is staring you straight in the face. 


When you come to Vimec, you have the chance to browse through an extensive collection of both straight stairlifts and curved stairlifts, all of which are first-class in terms of quality. If you would like a free, no-obligation quote for any of our units, please speak to one of our customer service team using the methods described on our website’s contact page

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