The Industries That Need To Pay Attention To Mobility Lifts

In times gone by, products that were aimed to assist individuals with reduced mobility were typically marketed at domestic use only. Whilst this was all well-and-good, it could make these individuals’ lives rather difficult when the time came to face the world outside of their front doors. Platform stairlifts are finally beginning to be treated with the respect that they deserve, with certain industries now seeing these as a vital part of their success. Thanks to the years that we have been working in this industry, here at Vimec we are pleased to be able to offer a breakdown on the firms and sectors that should always have one of these units close to hand.


When you operate within the retail industry, your main priority will undoubtedly be to try to maximise your profit margins – this can only happen if you continue to increase the number of sales that you make on a daily basis. This task can be made a little tricky if you alienate yourself from potential customers. Case-and-point, if you have a curved staircase within your establishment, you might want to consider buying a stairlift. Once this is installed, we guarantee that your disabled audience will show you appreciation for your efforts.  


Leisure centres and gyms are constantly found to be left-wanting when it comes to having adequate, high-quality mobility lifts. Perhaps these types of businesses fail to realise that a number of their would-be members are slightly older than their core demographic, or are slightly lacking in terms of physicality. Whatever the case may be, if this describes your organisation it would not take much to rectify the situation – all you need to do is find a retailer that sells platform stair-lifts.


Whilst some might argue that there are a large number of cinemas that have already come to the conclusion that the time for a stairlift has already come, we believe that not enough entertainment centres have this mindset. Although you can find certain establishments that provide ramps, there is still more that can be done. Case-and-point, if you were to invest in an inclined platform, you can be rest-assured that the impact that it will have will be immediate, and certainly to your liking.


We are sure that you will already be well-aware that hotels fall into the hospitality sector – as the name suggests, this means that as a business, you need to do everything in your power to inject convenience into the lives of your clients. An excellent way that you can go about making this a reality is by investing in a series of wheelchair stairlifts. This will provide a viable alternative to individuals that do not wish to have to wait for the crowded elevators to become available. 

Vimec – Here To Help

As a business owner, do you want to do more to be able to accommodate electric wheelchairs, and those individuals that are less physically-abled? Have you been scouring the Internet for straight and curved platform lifts, as well as wall-mounted wheelchair lifts? If you believe that these statements accurately summarise the situation that you find yourself in, now may be the time to give the Vimec team a call on 01264 939930. To us, it does not matter if you want a unit that consists of safety features that prevent power failure, or need an indoor or outdoor platform stairlift with an excessive loading capacity. Above all-else, we want you to be able to satisfy your customers, and this is a mission that we take seriously. 

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