The Home Stairlifts That Are Flying Off Of The Shelves in 2021

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Although we are only four months into 2021, it is clear that there are certain stairlifts that are head-and-shoulders above the rest of the competition. Making the decision to install a home stairlift is not one that should be made lightly; naturally, you will want to ensure that the unit in question will meet your needs. This can be made possible when you purchase any one of the high-end products that can be found in Vimec’s extensive catalogue – we have taken the liberty to highlight the most popular down below.


If you are on the lookout for a unit that is relatively simple in terms of its design, yet remains top-tier from a functional perspective, it is hard to see a better alternative to the Dolcevita. These have been crafted with passion, and are usually marketed towards those of the elderly generation. Equipped with armrests that will help you to remain comfortable during usage, you won’t need to worry about this unit compromising your interior design. Its ability to fold into the wall whilst it lies dormant is certainly an attractive feature to possess.


In times gone by, it could be relatively difficult to source a stairlift that could move between floors whilst simultaneously getting over the obstacle that is curved stairs. That being said, you can be rest-assured that if you were to put your faith into the Capri, the end-results would be nothing short of spectacular. As far as residential elevators and stairlifts go, this is one of the premium models. Never again will you have to spare a thought to the difficult circumstances that tight corners and curves can pose to you.


For those of you that have lived in the same period for a number of years, the chances are that your home has a straight staircase. Should this be the case, the range of lifts that you will primarily want to focus your attention on are those that are designed to navigate a single set of stairs. In instances such as these, you need look no further than the first-class Ischia. Whilst it may be rather basic from a visual standpoint, the lightweight nature of this unit is part of its appeal. In case you were wondering, this lift isn’t required to be installed within your property; it can also prove to be an excellent feature on outside stairs.

Benefits Of Investing

Whilst it appears to be relatively self-explanatory, we still think it is important to reinforce the vital role that a stairlift can play in your life. These units are durable and long-lasting, ensuring that they will improve your living situation day-in,day-out, for years to come. Provided that you install a lift which originates from a well-reputed manufacturer, such as Vimec, your life will forever be changed for the better.

What Do Our Services Entail?

As you can see, choosing your home lift is a task which is easier said than done, not least because there is a seemingly endless list of options that you can purchase. Residential lifts have seen a huge spike in popularity in recent years, and there is no sign that this will cease to be the case anytime in the near future. If any of the types of home lift that have been mentioned above are to your liking, you will be delighted to hear that Vimec can provide you with prices that are competitive-yet-affordable. You can elect us to be your lift company of choice by reaching out to our team of specialists on 01264 939930; we will do all that we can to offer you a prompt and insightful response.  

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