The Home Comfort Lifts That Will Put A Smile On Your Face

Typically, when you think of lifts, you imagine them being situated in commercial settings – hotels, for instance, are usually equipped with numerous elevators, as it makes the lives of their tenants significantly easier. However, what you may not have realised is that home lifts are seeing a surge in popularity; the convenience that they bring to the table is always appreciated by the individuals that make the purchases. Here at Vimec, we are blessed with numerous home lifts, hence why we want to take this opportunity to showcase those which may be to your liking.


As you may have already deduced, part of what sets the ECOVimec apart from other lifts within this sector is the fact that it has a reduced impact on the environment. These units have been tweaked and finessed in order to try and allow them to run in a more energy-efficient manner. When you factor in the fact that there is no hydraulic oil present in any part of this unit, it becomes clear that this is the perfect choice for anyone that is conscious of their carbon footprint.


Contrary to popular belief, home lifts do not necessarily have to be situated within a building’s architecture. Provided that the drive system is protected from the elements, there are certain units that have no-problem with functioning on the outside – the S11 is a perfect example of this. For the most part, these are deployed at the base of flats, as they ensure that those which reside on the upper floors can still easily reach their homes. Should you be an owner of one of these buildings, we strongly suggest that you entertain the idea of investing in the S11.

Silver Platform

Despite perhaps not being the most stylish of home lifts, there is no-denying that when placed in the right environment, the Silver Platform stairlift is effective at carrying out its primary function. This, in case you didn’t know, is to help individuals gain access to properties that are only slightly out of their reach. With a maximum vertical height of one metre, this is perfect if you live in a building that has a set of small stairs at the entrance. To many people, this may be a minor inconvenience, but to disabled individuals this can prove to be a major obstacle.


Should you be someone that appreciates the way in which technology has evolved over the years, and wish to be able to take full-advantage of this within the comfort of your own home, you need look no-further than the E20 for the perfect type of lift. With minimal building work required, there is no-need to overly concern yourself about the installation phase. There are also numerous customisable elements to this unit, ensuring that you can remain unique in your own way.

A Final Word

With so many home lifts for the elderly available, it is natural that you are slightly overwhelmed, and are unsure as to which direction you should turn in. Having helped disabled people and elderly persons alike, you can be sure that if you enlist the help of Vimec, you will be able to enjoy a level of assistance that you will be hard-pressed to find anywhere else. With wheelchair lifts and domestic lifts alike within our catalogue, we recognise that you might want to discuss your needs with us in greater detail before coming to a final decision. This is why we recommend emailing us – you can ask any questions that you may have about, for instance, our platform lift costs.

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