The Components that are Essential Parts of Modern Stairlifts

It has become increasingly clear, over the past couple of years, that platform stairlifts are here to stay – this is understandable, as they offer a long-list of benefits to their users. Before you rush and place an order for one of these units, however, it would be wise to familiarise yourself with how these products work. More-specifically, you need to acquaint yourself with the components that are considered to be ‘essential’. Rather than allow you to conduct this research for yourself, Vimec has taken the liberty of compiling a list for you – you can find it illustrated down below.


To many of you, this will seem like a slightly bland piece of equipment, and not one that needs to be looked-into in too much detail. When you stop to give it some thought, however, it will become evident that without the seatbelt, you would be at-risk of injuring yourself. Some of you, for instance, may suffer from medical conditions that cause you to blackout. In circumstances like this, the seatbelt serves to improve your experience, as it prevents you from falling to the ground.

Remote Control

If you live by yourself, you won’t have to concern yourself with acquiring a remote control, as you will be the sole user of the platform stairlift in your property. If, on the other hand, you live with a partner that also struggles with their mobility, the situation could not be more-different. With a remote control, you can both have the freedom to take advantage of the stairlift as-and-when you need. If you find that the unit is at the opposite-end of your home, a click of a button can rectify this. Should your retailer offer the option, we recommend requesting the inclusion of this added-extra.


For those of you that enjoy the finer things in life, you will no-doubt appreciate what footrests bring to the table. Despite being a relatively-new addition, you will now be hard-pressed to find a top-of-the-range stairlift that does not have one of these attached. Regardless of the speed at which your drive system and electric motor operates, this will ensure that you can remain comfortable at all times. This, as we are sure you will agree, is worth spending a little extra on.

Power Rail

When they were first introduced, stairlifts were frowned-upon due to the damage that they could potentially cause to the wall. This problem has been addressed, courtesy of the power rail that is now utilised. Not only does this help platform stairlifts run in a smooth and quiet manner; it can also ensure that you won’t be on the receiving end of structural damage further down the line. Whilst browsing through ranges of home lifts, this should be a feature that is at the top of your list of priorities.

An Insight Into Our Potential

Whisper-quiet home lifts are a dime-a-dozen in the current market, meaning that you are somewhat spoiled for choice. Thankfully, when you decide to enlist the help of Vimec, it is irrespective if you are trying to source a domestic lift, or if your notices are commercially motivated. We have a large catalogue of residential elevators and business-centred options from which to choose from. 


From a quality standpoint, each of our products are nothing short of first-class, hence why our services are in high demand. Are you starting to realise that we are the right retailer for you, and subsequently wish to place an order? If so, you can learn more about our products, as well as look at the prospect of placing an order, by reaching out to us today at 01264 939930.

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