Stairlifts: The Rumours That You Shouldn’t Listen To

There are some people that still believe that stairlifts are targeted towards a niche market, and will never become part of mainstream culture. The vast-majority of the country, however, recognise that these mobility aids are here to stay; not only this, but they play a vital role in the lives of many individuals. Here at Vimec, we fall into the latter category. It is for this reason that we want to spend a moment debunking some of the myths that you may have previously heard about these wonderful units – we hope that we are able to open your eyes to the truth about the matter.

They’re overpriced units

When they were first starting to be floated out to the general public, it is somewhat true that stairlifts were generally viewed as overpriced. After all, these units did not have anywhere near the number of sophisticated features that can be found on modern products. If you were to take a moment to research the stairlifts that have been released in the last few years, you would see that they are not overly costly – this is especially true when you factor in the numerous add-ons that can be included in the package.

They only go up straight staircases

Perhaps one of the most damaging rumours to routinely be circulated about stairlifts is that they are unable to navigate curved staircases. Once again, this is a myth that you can see for yourself is a lie after a quick check on the Internet. Curved stairlifts have been around for an extended period of time, with the power rails that they are attached to making it surprisingly easy to get around tight corners that may be present within your property.

They’re prone to causing structural damage

As we have already touched upon, the stairlifts which are available from professional retailers are equipped with a power rail. The main function that this provides is to allow the stairlift to travel without needing to be fixed directly onto the wall. The reason that we wish to point this out is because it highlights the reality of the situation – there is no-way for the unit to cause structural damage to your home. If this was the main reason that you were hesitant to place an order, we hope that we have put your fears to bed. 

Power cuts render them useless

For those of you that are still under the impression that a blackout will cause your brand-new stairlift to lose power, allow us to set the record straight. Unless you are thinking of purchasing a second-hand model, your unit should be supplied to you with a supplementary battery pack. This, as you will have likely already deduced, is meant to provide your stairlift with a way in which to operate, even if there is no electricity available from the mains supply.

A Bit About Us

If you had any previous concerns regarding the safety of stairlifts, or how accessible they were to the elderly and people with disabilities, we hope that we have been able to put these fears to rest. Whatsmore, should you now be entertaining the idea of buying a stairlift, we are pleased to inform you that with Vimec, you are in safe-and-capable hands. Our product list is extensive, with platform lifts and home lifts aplenty. What is common throughout our various units is the fact that, from a quality perspective, they are first-class? Got some questions about the Vimec homelifts that are currently available? Feel free to send us a message today at

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