Mobility Aids That Could Transform Your Life For The Better

Mobility aids were once viewed to be niche commodities that could be found solely in the homes of the rich social elite, as well as high-end retail and hospitality establishments that did not need to worry about financial restraints. Since the turn of the century, this industry has been on the receiving end of much research and investment, which has certainly paid dividends in regards to the units that are now available. If you take a look below, you can find Vimec’s thoughts on the products currently on the market that might catch your eye.

Ischia Stairlift

Should you be looking for a stairlift that can allow you to travel in style in the comfort of your own home, and comes equipped with a wide-range of additional benefits, you need look no further than the Ischia Stairlift. The moment that you see the plush leather chair, you will recognise that you are in the presence of a premium unit.  The power rail has a battery pack integrated into it, meaning that in the event of a power cut, you are still able to make-use of your recently acquired home lift.

V64 Stairlift

Although this shares, in part, the same name as the Ischia, its overall design could not be any-more different. What allows the V64 Stairlift to consistently rank amongst the best mobility aids is the fact that it offers a large wheelchair platform. Never again will you have to be subjected to stress and hassle each-and-every time you want to go to bed. Instead, you can glide up your staircase with ease, without having to put your body in harm’s way. Despite being a relatively expensive unit, it will not take long for you to be reaping the rewards of your investment.

Home Lift E20

In truth, this is only a viable option if you live in a secluded property that does not fall under any harsh building regulations. For those of you that didn’t already know, the Home Lift E20 can be customised for both indoor and outdoor usage. With an extensive loading capacity, this will have no-trouble in taking the strain of an electric wheelchair. In case you were wondering, this installation consists predominantly of recycled materials, meaning that you are not having an adverse impact on the environment. 


T10 Scalacombi Stairclimber

The chances are that you have never-before seen the likes of the T10 Scalacombi Stairclimber, and this is in-part due to the fact that it is a relatively recent innovation. However, despite not having the extensive history that is associated with some of the other units on this list, it is more-than deserving of a feature. Considered to be one-of-a-kind, what truly makes this product special is the way in which it can efficiently and effectively navigate tight corners; you can be rest-assured that you will be grateful of this ability in the future.


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Have you been considering buying a platform stairlift for some time, as you believe that this wall-mounted unit could drastically improve the fortunes of your business? Do you wish to collaborate with a retailer that has both domestic and commercial wheelchair stairlifts? If you fall into either of the aforementioned categories, you could do a lot worse than solicit the services of Vimec. We have the expertise necessary to deal with both straight and curved staircases, and will also ensure that you don’t have to worry about power failures in the future. Feel free to drop us an email at is you want to develop your understanding of our solutions for wheelchair users further. 



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