Features To Keep An Eye Out For In Top-Tier Stairlift Solutions

Trying to find a stairlift that conforms to your particular condition and circumstances is easier said than done. The saturated nature of this market means that exploring the vast array of options available, and ascertaining which is considered to be ‘perfect’, is somewhat of an impossible task. However, there are certain features that you simply cannot do without. If you are unsure as to what these are, allow Vimec to provide you with some much-needed assistance.


Though this may not be perceived to be the most exciting feature to be found on a stairlift, it can be argued that this is the most crucial, bar-none. Seatbelts are traditionally found in vehicles, and are meant to try and reduce the possibility of injury – the same can be said for those that are attached to stairlifts. Should the worst happen, and you have a seizure or a stroke during your journey, this will ensure that you do not fall to the ground, and subsequently hurt yourself further.

Remote Control

At first glance, you may feel as if a remote control is redundant in regards to a stairlift – after all, whilst it is in use, you will control it courtesy of the joystick or panel which is adorning the armrest. However, what you may not have realised is that there may come a time that the stairlift is on the opposite side to that which you are. In scenarios such as these, a remote control will certainly come in handy – this is particularly true if you are someone that lives alone.

Adjustable Seat

For those of you that value comfortableness and convenience, this is certainly not something that you want to overlook when trying to source a top-of-the-range stairlift. Without an adjustable seat, you may be forced to put yourself into compromising and potentially harmful positions, in order to mount and dismount your unit. Adjustable seats have become somewhat of an essential feature in recent years, and it is not difficult to see why this is. In certain situations, depending on the quality of your stairlift, you may also find that you are able to swap out your cushions as-and-when you wish.

Power Rail

In times gone by, one of the biggest drawbacks associated with having a stairlift installed was in relation to the way that they could potentially damage a home’s structure. This was because older models were typically fixed directly onto the wall. Thankfully, the industry has come a long way from this, and now most modern units will come equipped with a power rail. This will run alongside your handrail, and ensure that your stairlift runs smoothly, whilst simultaneously preventing anything from happening to your walls.

A Little About Us

Have you been trying to locate a company that comes highly recommended in the mobility industry, and can draw upon a wealth of experience whilst assisting you? Would you like to upgrade your existing disability accessories within the home, but have yet to find a firm which can cater to your high expectations? If you feel as if you fall into either of the aforementioned categories, the solution is obvious – enlist the help of Vimec.

For those of you that were previously unaware, we are a company that first began as a small stairlift supplier in Italy in 1980. Since then, we have evolved into a global force, and one that is willing to take on any project that comes it’s way. If you feel as if you might be interested in our services, feel free to use our website’s contact information to get in touch – we cannot wait to hear from you. 

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