Choosing Between A Stairlift And A Home Lift


The vast majority of properties here in the UK will have at least one flight of stairs. Aside from bungalows, houses tend to be split over two or three floors and more often than not, each floor will have at least one essential room that homeowners couldn’t go without. Unfortunately, not everyone is easily able to navigate the stairs and this can greatly impact day to day life. Often, when this is the case, homeowners find themselves searching for a vertical mobility aid.


Whilst there are a number of different solutions available on the market nowadays to help anyone struggling with the stairs, the most popular tend to be stairlifts and home lifts. Understandably, it can be difficult to choose between these two main solutions and many struggle to do so, as they both have their own unique benefits. To try and help any homeowners, we have looked into these two vertical mobility aids in more detail, so keep reading today. 


What is a stairlift?


A stairlift is a device that is installed onto the stairs you currently have at your property. Essentially, instead of having to climb the stairs, you can simply sit on a chair which will move up a rail to get you to the next floor. 


The pros and cons of stairlifts


If you choose a stairlift, it is likely that you will easily be able to get a high-quality model for a very reasonable price. You can also expect it to be installed in as little as a few hours, so you won’t have to wait too long if you’re in desperate need of assistance. 


Stairlifts can be both stylish and compact nowadays too. Whilst they will always be visible, this isn’t something to worry about and they won’t affect anyone else using the stairs, they tend to take up a very small amount of space. They’re also usually very quiet when in use, so it won’t interfere with your day-to-day life. 


The only downsides to a stairlift is that the user will need to be able to sit and stand easily, which isn’t always convenient for wheelchair users, and they can only be used by one person at a time. You will also need a separate stairlift for every staircase in the house.  


What is a home lift?


A home lift is similar to any through-floor lift that you will find in a commercial premises, yet it is more compact and suitable for a residential property. You will be able to enter the lift and with a press of a button, be taken up to the next floor of your home. 


The pros and cons of home lifts 


When opting for a home lift, not only will you have a huge range of different designs to choose from, but whichever style you installed, you can guarantee that it will add value to your property. Meaning, it will be a good investment and often cost-effective. 


Many opt for home lifts over stairlifts due to the fact that they can go through multiple floors in a property too. So, even if you have three floors in your home, you will only need to install one lift. Of course, when travelling in a home lift, there will be plenty of room for multiple people too and if you’re wheelchair-bound you won’t have to move from your wheelchair go upstairs. 


It is worth pointing out that home lifts can be considerably more expensive than stairlifts though and this is often the biggest downside to this vertical mobility aid. They will also take up more space than a stairlift and tend to have a longer installation period. 


Installing a home lift or a stairlift in Chelmsford 


Hopefully, when choosing between a home lift and a stairlift for your property, the information above will be beneficial to you. It goes without saying that both of these mobility aids are a brilliant choice and they have the ability to make such a huge difference to your daily life. So, there is definitely no right or wrong decision, simply take some time to consider which would be most able to meet your individual needs.


Whether you decide to install a stairlift or a home lift in Chelmsford, be sure to contact our team here at Vimec. We have been designing, manufacturing and installing a range of different mobility products for decades now and you can rely on us whenever you’re needing to make adaptations to your home. Our team has a genuine passion for improving the lives of our customer through their work and you can trust that they will go above and beyond to help you. If you have any questions at all, please don’t hesitate to contact us today. 


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