A Guide To Lesser-Known Disability Lifts For Homes


When you are looking into the possibility of purchasing a disability lift, it may surprise you to learn that there are copious options available to you. Whilst you may initially think that this is good, it can lead to the process becoming incredibly tedious and drawn out. Not only this, but the saturated market could mean that you miss out on some of the lesser-known options that are just as good from a quality perspective. If you wish to familiarise yourself with some of these, feel free to read through Vimec’s thoughts on the matter.

V64 Stairlift

It will not take long for you to realise, when you first lay eyes on the V64 Stairlift, that this is not an ordinary mobility aid. As far as lift products go, this is something which looks to be entirely different, both in its appearance and its functionality. Once installed, this lift is designed to enable wheelchair users to traverse the floors of their property, without having to remove themselves from their chair. The drive system in this is incredibly powerful, enabling you to even ride accompanied by a friend or a carer, which is something that is previously unheard of.

Capri Stairlift

The Capri Stairlift is certainly more in-line with what most people envision domestic lifts to look like. However, there are certain features that allows this model to stand out from the crowd. Case-and-point, the excellent power rail means that it will have no issue travelling up multiple flights of stairs, regardless of whether they are straight or curved. It is this fantastic flexibility that means that the Capri is regularly found in public buildings; that being said, it still makes for an excellent investment in your personal residence.

S11 Platform Lift

Contrary to popular belief, home lifts do not necessarily have to be installed within a building’s interior. In actual fact, there are numerous products that have proven themselves more-than capable of adorning the side of a home. If you are trying to find a product such as this, look no further than the S11 Platform Lift. Originally, this was solely aimed at companies that needed to try and adapt their structural layout to allow for disabled individuals. However, it can also be a good lift for people that rent flats and apartments.

ECOVimec Homelift

There are many individuals that, having taken a look at the ECOVimec Homelift, believe that this is no different from an ordinary vertical lift. In truth, there are a number of similarities between the two, most notably from a visual perspective. That being said, there are also a number of things which ensure that it stands alone. From the moment that the manufacturing process begins, there is no oil used – the reason for this is that it makes for an environmentally sustainable unit, which can be rather difficult to find.

Need A Little Help?

For those of you that have spent countless hours looking into the wide-range of wheelchair lifts and stair lifts that can currently be found on the market, you may feel as if choosing the right one is somewhat of an impossible task. However, should you begin to feel like this, you need only to solicit the services of Vimec, and things will begin to look immeasurably brighter. Our lift costs are drastically lower than those of our competitors, meaning that you don’t have to worry about breaking the bank for our products. Not only this, but our customer service is second-to-none. Should you have any questions or queries, you can easily reach one of our representatives, either by calling 01264 939930 or by emailing info@vimec.biz. In either instance, we will be sure to issue you with a prompt and insightful response. 

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