A Basic Guide To Wheelchair Platform Lifts

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Whether you own a business premises and you’re looking for the best way to ensure your property is accessible to all customers, or you’re a homeowner looking for a way to adapt your house so you can get around in a wheelchair easier, it is worthwhile considering all of the different options you have. Usually one of the biggest challenges faced by wheelchair users will be the stairs, so this is often the first thing that people look to make more accessible. 


When considering different ways to ensure that those who use a wheelchair are able to get from floor to floor easily, many will automatically assume that installing a ramp is the best course of action. However, these days, this isn’t always the case. At both commercial and residential properties, owners should also consider wheelchair platform lifts too. It isn’t uncommon for people not to know what these are, so if you’re looking for more information about wheelchair platform lifts, below is an easy to understand guide covering all of the basics. 


What are wheelchair platform lifts?


You may also hear these lifts referred to as ‘wheelchair platform stairlifts’ and this name is fairly self-explanatory. This type of wheelchair lift is very similar to a stairlift in the sense that it is installed onto the stairs, but the big difference is that it has a platform for wheelchair users rather than a traditional seat. 


How do these lifts work?


In order to use this type of lift, all a wheelchair user will need to do is roll onto the platform and use the controls to move up or down the staircase. 


Of course, as expected, models will have different safety features that need to engage before moving and different controls to use, but in general, all wheelchair platform lifts work in a very similar way. They are definitely incredibly easy and convenient to use. 


Where can these lifts be used?


As mentioned above, wheelchair platform lifts can be used at both commercial and residential properties. You can expect to see lifts of this kind in places such as retail stores and offices, as well as educational buildings such as universities, or any other public building really. 


The vast majority of wheelchair platform lifts can be used on both straight and curved staircases and in indoor and outdoor environments, so they are convenient for different types of staircases. Also, some lifts are even suitable for overcoming various flights of stairs too. 


What are the benefits of choosing a wheelchair platform lift?


Aside from the fact that they can help you to ensure you’re compliant in a commercial building, and that they can provide wheelchair users with easy access to numerous types of buildings, wheelchair platform lifts have many other benefits. Below are three of the biggest benefits that should be highlighted for anyone considering them. 


  1. Efficiency 


These lifts are much more efficient than other access alternatives, the user will be able to quickly and easily gain access to another floor of a building. They are also surprisingly energy efficient too, which is an additional bonus. 


  1. Safety 


Of course, these lifts are a much safer way for people to move between floors. Take people on crutches or anyone using a buggy, for example, a wheelchair platform lift can also benefit them too, making it safer and easier to get up the stairs. 


  1. Convenience


Not only is this type of lift convenient for the user but it is also convenient for the property owner too. It is much easier and quicker to install and it also takes up much less space than traditional through-floor lift solutions. 


Of course, it is worthwhile pointing out wheelchair platform lifts are the perfect solution for overcoming architectural barriers too. 


Installing a wheelchair platform lift 


Hopefully, you will now know a little bit more about wheelchair platform lifts and how they can be beneficial at both commercial and residential properties. There is no denying that instead of simply assuming that a ramp is the best option for wheelchair access, it is well worth considering different options, such as wheelchair platform lifts too. It is highly likely that they will be a much better solution to your accessibility needs. 

If you would like to speak to a company about wheelchair platform lifts and ask a few more questions, don’t hesitate to contact our team here at Vimec today. We can provide you with a range of different lifts, all of which are perfect for improving accessibility at both commercial and residential properties, so we are the best people to reach out to. Our expert team will gladly take the time to answer your questions and ensure that you have all additional information required.

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