Why Homeowners Should Consider Installing Exterior Wheelchair Platform Lifts

It isn’t uncommon for homeowners to have steps outside of their property and more often than not, climbing these steps is the only way to enter the property. Whilst this isn’t an issue for some, for people with mobility problems and especially those who require a wheelchair to get around, these exterior steps can make getting into their own home a huge challenge. Sometimes it can be a challenge they have to overcome multiple times a day too. 


Whilst many homeowners are able to remove their steps and replace them with a ramp, there are lots of regulations that must be followed when doing so. From how wide the ramp is to how steep the gradient is, these guidelines simply make installing a ramp impossible for some homeowners. Thankfully, there are other options to consider when making your home more accessible and all wheelchair users should think about installing an exterior wheelchair platform lift. 


What is an exterior wheelchair platform lift?


Whilst you can get a range of different wheelchair platform lifts, some similar to stairlifts and others more like a traditional lift, they do have some similar features. All of these wheelchair lifts have a platform which the wheelchair user can easily roll onto. This platform will then lift them to the top of the staircase. The majority of exterior wheelchair platform lifts tend to be open, meaning they aren’t within a lift shaft, and they usually cover smaller vertical distances than traditional lifts. 


How can an exterior wheelchair platform lift help homeowners?


Exterior wheelchair platform lifts can be a brilliant addition to any home and if you’re wondering how they can help you, below are some of the biggest benefits to this type of accessibility aid:


  • Overcome existing architectural barriers


Of course, the most obvious benefit is that this type of lift can help you overcome existing architectural barriers. With the help of a platform lift, you will easily be able to gain access to your property and you’ll never have the hassle of tackling exterior steps at home again. 


  • Prevent huge structural changes 


When you choose an exterior wheelchair platform lift, you won’t need to make huge changes to your home. This lift will be a small addition to the outside of your property and it will be much easier to install than other changes would be to make. 


  • Much smaller and more compact 


As mentioned above, ramps aren’t always convenient due to their regulations and the more steps you have, the more room a ramp will take up. More often than not, a platform lift will be much smaller and take up much less space than other alternatives on the market. 


  • Easily customisable by homeowners 


Thankfully, many of the wheelchair platform lifts on the market these days are easily customisable by homeowners. So, you can ensure that the lift you choose isn’t only able to meet your needs but that it also perfectly complements the outside of your property too. 


  • Low energy consumption


It is also worthwhile pointing out that these exterior wheelchair platform lifts are actually quite energy-efficient. They have a similar consumption to that of a home appliance, meaning you won’t need to worry about the running costs of this convenient accessibility aid. 


Installing an exterior wheelchair platform lift


There is no denying that if you’re unable to install a ramp outside your property or you would prefer another alternative, then an exterior wheelchair platform lift is a brilliant option to consider. These platform lifts are designed for domestic and outdoor use, so you can trust that they will be perfect for your needs. Whether you need a platform lift to overcome a height of less than a meter or you need something that is able to reach nearly three meters, there will be an exterior wheelchair platform lift available to meet your needs. 


If you’re looking for a company who can provide you with a range of different indoor and outdoor wheelchair lifts, visit the Vimec website today. We have been assisting both domestic and public property owners with their accessibility issues for many years now and you can trust that we will do all we can to ensure you find the perfect lift for your home. With a wide range available to choose from, you can guarantee we will have something available for you. 

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