Vimec: The Company That You Have Been Looking For

Trying to locate a first-class retailer that can supply you with the mobility products that you need is easier said than done – the reason for this is that this is an incredibly competitive industry, meaning that countless firms will be trying to vie for your attention. That being said, few will be able to match the proficiency that is on-display when you come to Vimec. If you have not worked with us in the past, feel free to check-out the arguments down below that showcase why we are a level above the rest of the competition.

An Insight Into Our Background

Naturally, your main curiosity will be in relation to the range of products that we can provide you with. However, before we shed some light on the platform lifts and other units that can be found in our collection, we believe that you deserve to learn a little more about us as a company. Initially, we set-out to conquer the mobility industry in Italy. Once it became clear that we had done this, we decided that it was only-right that we expand, and begin to offer our products across the globe. A quick glance at some of our Google Reviews will highlight the fact that we have been incredibly successful in this regard.

Business-Related Options

In the past, companies were not particularly concerned with trying to improve their accessibility – this was because they were able to get-by without this additional expense. In the modern world, however, you will find that a number of sectors, such as hospitality and retail, are beginning to see the benefit of installing high-quality mobility products. Should this describe the situation that you find yourself in, 

Top-Tier Stairlifts

If you were to ask us what we initially found success with, we would point you in the direction of our wonderful stairlifts. These units have been tweaked and improved over the years, to the point where we would now consider them to be immaculate from an engineering perspective. For those of you that are in-need of a straight staircase option, the Dolcevita will not let you down. Alternatively, you could do a lot worse than the Capri – this will glide up curved staircases with no issues.

Large-Scale Units

Whilst it is certainly true that our classic stairlifts are proven best-sellers, you would do-well to take a moment to appreciate the grandeur of our larger units. Whether you are looking for an environmentally friendly option in the form of the ECOVimec, or you would prefer the S11 Platform Lift that is perfect for any flat or similar housing establishment, you can be sure that we will do everything that we can to leave you satisfied. The way in which we complete the installations is guaranteed to put a smile on your face.

Need To Get In Touch?

Hopefully, you are starting to come to the realisation that if you were to invest in one of Vimec’s homelifts or stairlifts, you will be able to enjoy complete safety whilst using the units. We have worked long-and-hard to ensure that the elderly, and people with disabilities and mobility-related issues, are able to rest safe in the knowledge that they can get around their homes without any major difficulties. In recent years, we have also started working with office buildings and other corporate establishments – the results will not disappoint you. Think that we could be just the retailer that you have been searching for? If so, you might want to drop us an email at and see what we can do to help.

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