How Much Does A Home Lift Cost?


When considering having a home lift installed into their property, the first question that the majority of people will ask is; “how much will a home lift cost?”. Home adaptations of this kind can be expensive, and often it is the potential extortionate costs that put people off a home lift altogether. However, it is important to note that domestic lifts aren’t just for the wealthy anymore; they are actually more affordable than ever before. 


Thanks to significant advancements in technology and also the introduction of more through-floor lifts on the market, this mobility aid is now an option that many more people can consider. Whilst we are unable to provide an exact figure to answer this question, we can inform you of the various factors that will affect this figure. Hopefully, this information will make you aware of what goes into the final price you’re given for a home lift. 


The type of home lift that you choose 


As you may know, the type of home lift that you choose will have the biggest impact on how much your home lift costs. Of course, there are many different makes and models to choose from, and these will all differ in price depending on numerous factors. If you’re unsure as to what makes the types of lifts you’re looking into different, professional lift experts will be able to help. 


The amount of preparation work required


When investing in a home lift, it is important to remember that there will always be costs associated with the installation too. The overall cost of your lift will factor in the amount of preparation work that is required at your property and ultimately, the more work, the more expensive it will be. Again, a lift expert will be able to give you a breakdown of all costs. 


The number of floors the lift will travel through 


This may seem quite obvious, but you can also expect the number of floors you need to access to affect the domestic lift cost. Not only is this due to the amount of preparation/building work, but it is also because the lift shaft will differ in size too. When looking into different lift options, it is always worth bearing in mind how many floors you have in your home. 


The features a lift benefits from 


Nowadays, not only can home lifts be basic is design, but they can also benefit from numerous different features too. Even little things such as the displays on the inside of the lift and the lights inside the lift will affect how much the lift costs. You may find that some features are optional, so if you have a budget, this may be something you can look at. 


The amount of customisation 


Not only are the majority of home lifts made-to-measure, but it isn’t uncommon for you to be able to customise the lift too. Of course, the cost will vary depending on the amount of customisation you have, and as you may expect, the more bespoke your home lift is, the more expensive it may be. However, there are numerous benefits to customising your lift, so it is worth considering still.


The ongoing costs associated with the lift 


It is also worth taking into account the ongoing costs that will be associated with your home lift when you’re browsing the options available. You may find that a lift with higher upfront costs is actually more affordable in the long run and vice versa. It is important to look into these additional home lift costs before deciding which to invest in. 


Speaking to a professional about how much home lifts cost 


Now that you’re aware of the various factors that can affect how much home lifts cost, you can begin to think about your own personal budget and what you’re likely to be able to afford when investing in a domestic lift. Of course, if you would like to speak to a professional to find out exact costs and get a better understanding of the figures you can expect, don’t hesitate to contact our team here at Vimec today. 


We have such a vast range of different types of home lifts available, including basic and premium models, so we will likely be able to provide you with a residential lift that is within your budget. As an experienced lift company, we also offer a wide degree of customisation to our customers, so you can trust that the lift you choose will also be able to meet all of your needs and requirements too. We look forward to speaking with you in more detail about home lift costs and how we can help you. 

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