Domestic Lifts That Have Revolutionised The Lives Of Disabled Individuals

Home Lift E20

As someone that faces challenges in relation to their mobility, it is only natural that you will be searching for ways in which to inject convenience back into your life. Instead of having to routinely ask for assistance from friends and family members, you might wish to turn your attention to home lifts; these can give you back some of your independence, something that we are sure you have been missing. Here to walk you through the units that could be to your liking, are the wonderful Vimec specialists.  

Home Lift E20

What many people fail to realise, in regards to lift products available in the twenty-first century, is that they are designed to also be appealing from a visual standpoint. Case-and-point, the Home Lift E20 has established itself as one of the most desirable installations in the modern world, and for good reason. Not only does this type of passenger lift enable you to traverse the floors of your home with ease; it can also be seen as a desirable feature that provides a significant boost to the overall value of your property.  

Silver Platform Lift

After seeing your overall physical abilities begin to dwindle, you might have also noticed that there are certain elements of your home’s architecture which cause you problems. For instance, small flights of stairs at the entrance of your property, which you previously flew up without any issues, are now seen to be a significant obstacle. The best way in which to get around this is to get a good lift installed, and this is where the Silver Platform Lift comes into its own. Sturdy and simple, this small unit will certainly not disappoint you going forward. 


Most of you will agree that when the term ‘disabled stairlift’ is bandied about, it is usually in reference to the units that are found within a domestic environment. One of the best examples of these types of units is the Capri. At first, you might think that its slight appearance is a sign of its fragility – this could not be further from the truth. Its small stature is meant to allow it to easily get around tight corners, making it the ideal purchase for anyone that has trouble making it up long and winding staircases without taking a break.


Should you be at-all concerned about the way in which a stairlift will compromise the overall aesthetics of your property’s interior, one look at the Dolcevita will tell you that this will not be an issue. In case you were not already aware, this is a unit that has been crafted specifically with high-end clients in mind. The manner in which it can fold up is something that is not often seen in stairlifts, and is a sign of its prestigious nature.

Vimec – Who Are We?

Have you been encountering difficulties in regards to sourcing affordable disability lifts for home, and wish to enlist the help of seasoned professionals that understand this industry? Would you like to be able to browse through a wide-range of stair lifts that are targeted towards residential properties, rather than those that are designed for public buildings? Should you feel as if you are currently facing either of these scenarios, the lifts that are designed and produced by Vimec could be just what you have been looking for. Our lift costs are competitive-yet-affordable, and the quality of these is always considered to be elite. To educate yourself further about our indoor and outdoor safety features, please visit our website’s contact page and follow the instructions provided.

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