Businesses That Might Benefit From Accessibility Lifts

Traditionally, you would expect to find straight or curved stairlifts within domestic products, and that would be the extent of wheelchair access improvements. In recent years, however, companies have been going to extreme lengths to try and appeal to disabled audience members. There are numerous lift solutions that you and your business can look to try and take advantage of. If you would like to familiarise yourself with these, Vimec is ideally-suited to walking you through the most popular.


When you are attempting to attract new guests to your hotel, you need to try and be prepared for any eventuality that comes your way. Although you might have spent heavily on classic passenger lifts, these will not always suffice – this is particularly true for people that struggle with their mobility. Rather than force them to look elsewhere for accomodation, it could prove useful to invest some of your corporate finances in inclined platform lifts or, at the very least, wheelchair stairlifts. In the long run, you can be rest-assured that these purchases will pay dividends.


For restaurants and other companies that operate in the food industry that reside on the ground floor, the chances are that wheelchair lifts will not have factored into the equation; instead, they most-likely will have been able to get by with mobility ramps. If you are above street level, however, it may be worthwhile entertaining the idea of spending on supplementary safety features. Upon seeing a flight of stairs, prospective customers may choose to take their business to a different company; in order to continue to make a profit, an initial purchase of a platform stairlift might be the route that you want to go down.

Retail Establishments

In some aspects, retail establishments fall under the same category as hotels, in as much as though they may have an old-fashioned lift at their disposal, wheelchair users are still faced by the same problem. Contrary to popular belief, wheelchair platform lifts are rather cheap to acquire, and are designed to be used for years on end with very little needed in the way of maintenance. For those of you that operate on multiple floors, and want to enhance your reputation amongst the mobility-challenged population, this is not an area that you will want to skip over.

What To Opt For?

In terms of the options that are available to you, we are delighted to inform you that there is no shortage of models from which you can purchase. As far as disabled stairlifts go, you could do a lot worse than to buy a V64 Stairlift – provided that there is only a single staircase to navigate, this unit will have no-trouble conforming to your needs. Alternatively, you might like to cast your gaze over the S11 Platform Lift; what sets this model apart is the fact that it can be installed outside of your building.

A Little About Us

If you fall into any of the aforementioned categories, you might like to put some further thought into buying a platform stairlift for your organisation. This can be viewed as a cost-effective investment, as you will certainly reap the rewards from the increased number of customers that you receive. Whether you require a unit to be installed indoors or outdoors, you can be sure that Vimec will find it easy to put a smile on your face. Within our catalogue, we have numerous solutions for wheelchair users and other individuals that are mobility-challenged. If you wish to browse through our wide-range of options, or discuss the relevant building regulations, you can reach out to us on 01264 939930.

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