An Introductory Guide to Platform Lifts

If you’re investigating the idea of installing platform lifts but you’re not sure exactly what platform lifts are or how they could work for you, then please let us elaborate. Here at Vimec, we specialise in platform lifts for the home or workplace. Platform lifts have been designed to offer easy access to those who struggle with staircases. They tend to serve between two or more floors, either going up your stairs or through a fully enclosed shaft. Whichever you choose really depends on your needs and we can make sure that you find the right platform lift for you.


Understanding the Benefits of Platform Lifts


We specialise in the Vimec V64 platform stairlift, which is an ideal solution in helping people with mobility issues. They have been designed to work on an inclined rather than through a vertical platform. This means that it works in a similar way to a stairlift, but with an entire platform rather than a seat. The platform is attached to a straight guide rail that allows it to run up and down the stairs. 


Efficient and Effective


One of the reasons why our platform lifts are popular is that they’re fast and easy to use. Part of your responsibility when installing proper accessibility in your space is making it easy and convenient. Installing platform lifts are far preferable than stairlifts; instead of needing someone else to assist when using a lift, platform lifts can be used on your own. It not only makes it faster and more convenient, but it also gives a sense of independence to those visiting your space, whether that is your home or a place of work. However, speed is not secondary as the platform lifts have been recognised for their safety and reliability. 


Compact in their Design


Platform lifts offer complete flexibility and foldaway incredibly easily. They offer complete efficiency and distribute weight evenly whilst retaining the essence of speed and safety. Additionally, they offer independence to people in their own homes transporting individuals between different levels of your home, offering stability and protection from accidents or injuries. As such, we have designed platform lifts to fold-away safely and conveniently, you almost wouldn’t know they were there. Installing platform lifts like this can ensure that your workplace or home meets both the safety and accessibility standards that you’re striving for. 


Range of Uses


Though they are more commonly seen in public spaces and places of work, they are actually incredibly useful for domestic use and we would recommend it to many of our customers. Safe and easy to use, even independently, the solutions work well in a domestic setting, especially as you have the controls with you on the platform, rather than at the ends of the stairs. With the help of our platform lifts, you can open up access to your entire space with dignity.


If you have any questions about our platform lifts, then we would love to hear from you. Our team of experts can help you pick out the ideal lift for your home or place of work, taking into consideration factors like space and the people who will be using the lift. These are important to consider and our team can help to make sure that you make a decision that is just right. Why not give us a call today on 01264 939930 to find out more?

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