Accessible culture: a T09 stairclimber at the Great War Theme Park (GO)

  1. An important step forward has been made, towards a culture that’s becoming increasingly accessible to everyone, at a place of primary importance to Italy’s history: The Great War Theme Park of Monfalcone in the province of Gorizia.

2017 marks the hundredth anniversary of the defeat of Caporetto, and it is precisely for this occasion that many school groups, including numerous students with disabilities, have booked their tours of the Sacrario di Redipuglia World War I Memorial, and the places where our soldiers fought during the Great War.

For this reason, the Municipality of Fogliano Redipuglia decided to purchase a Roby T09 model stairclimber, which will even allow visitors with disabilities in wheelchairs to climb the large staircase of the Memorial, and to explore a portion of the trails among the park’s trenches.

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